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Equipment build Roger Mobile Legends Top Global

Equipment build Roger Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Roger is a wolf stealth hero who plays in the mobile legends game Bang – Bang Roger is a semi-human animal, to be precise a wolf bull, Roger is a role fighter / sniper hero, this hero is very unique and can turn into one very wild transform wolf.

Equipment build Roger Mobile Legends Top Global
Roger Mobile Legends

You can buy this Roger Werewolf in the shop for the price of 24000 Battle Points and 499 Diamonds, this hero relies on his attack speed when fighting enemies by turning into a wolf Roger has a very crazy attack speed and the HP lifestyle for him is very strict or you could say that you can compete with alucard in lifestyle, maybe for the by1 problem with alucard you could say that Rogers hero is a bit superior to the alucard, but the pilot wakes up with it too.

The story of the hero Roger Mobile Legends

Roger lives outside the Black Forest east of the megalithic wasteland. Once an honorable warrior of the Empire, whose greatest strength and weakness was his stubbornness were not rare magical creatures, but hundreds of wolves, led by the new White Fang, the new Wolf King. They used their skills with group tactics to attack in a pack, and White Fang himself, with the help of an ancient power, had awakened magical abilities in him to meet their food needs, wolves began to appear outside the confines of the black forest, where they saw the passing Would attack explorers.

Motivated by his sense of justice, Roger determined to eliminate this threat to the people, follows in White Fang’s footsteps, and finds that the wolves have encircled a small village and are preparing to attack. Suddenly a wolf howl broke the silence and a pack of wolves stormed in to attack all the villagers, as the White Fang prepared to devour an injured little girl, Roger used his hunting instinct to launch an attack and save the girl, whose name was Ruby, Roger and his family managed to push back the White Fang and his wolves, but were injured in the fight by the Wolf King. Roger imitated the wolf language to warn Whte Fang to leave the village, the retreating White Fang looked back at Roger with a hostile expression in his eyes, who was covered in blood and not forgetting the fear that pierced his heart that day could.

Roger began to worry that White Fang would be returning to get revenge on him. He started teaching Ruby how to fight wolf figs. During this workout, his body began to change. He knew that this change was somehow related to White Fang’s human safety, Roger said nothing. – Quietly left the village. When Roger returned to his house, he slowly realized that the ancient power of the White Fang was actually beginning to creep into his own body in the dark grass. Under a moonlit sky: “One night under a full moon, Roger was filled with intense fear when he learned that the legend was true when he turned into a werewolf. In order not to harm others in his chaotic state, he had nothing else to do left than to leave home.

After reading Land Of Dawn, or the story of Roger’s hero in Mobile Legends, Top Global Now, you need to know Roger’s hero abilities:

  • Full Moon Curse (Passive)In human form, normal attacks reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 20%.
    In wolf form, normal attacks add damage equal to the HP already lost by the enemy (up to 60 additional damage for jungle monsters).
    This ability is very useful for Roger for disrupting movement and chasing down his enemies. When Roger turns into a werewolf, he can do great damage to his enemies.
  • Open fire (active person 1)
    When a human, this skill shoots twice, damaging the enemy and slowing the enemy’s movement.
  • Lycan Leap (Active Wolf 1)
    Roger will be able to easily escape or chase his enemy. Use Free Aim to maximize this skill and if you can use this skill to get kill or assist it will reduce the CD of that skill by up to 80%.
  • Hunter’s Steps (Active Human 2)
    The skill that makes Roger very high in terms of mobility when he becomes human, Roger is able to maintain his extra speed of movement by attacking his enemy.
  • Terrorwolf Hunter (Active Wolf 2)
    Roger becomes a sadistic hunter and can hunt down his dying enemies very easily thanks to attack speed and movement speed bonuses of up to 50%.
  • Wolf Transformation (Ultimate)
    This skill requires foresight and the ability to read high situations, as Roger must be able to make good use of the situation to maximize his ultimate ability.
  • Restoring Huma Shape (Ultimate)
    You will have to switch from human to werewolf and vice versa frequently as different skills have different effects. So take advantage of the ultimate ability which is considered a fast CD and doesn’t eat up that mana.

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