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Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global

Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global

Miya is a high damage Marskman hero in Mobile Legends. miya is also a hero who is easy to use, Hero Miya will have even greater damage if you use miya’s gear box hurts.

Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Hero Miya can be bought in the shop for 10800 combat points or 399 with a ticket, compared to other snipers Miya is classified as a classic sniper. Miya’s main strength lies in her attack speed, which is added together Build transmission damage will be very deadly as soon as this Miya hero. Miya’s explosion damage is slightly weaker than Layla’s. But in terms of survivability, Miya is slightly superior due to the existence of the ultimate turbo stealth. This ultimate effect results in Miya turning on and off easily during solo or team fights.

Story of Hero Miya Mobile Legends

Miya was born in the Temple of the Moon and studied hard to one day become a worthy sacrifice to the moon god.

But when the flames of the human and orc races from the residence of the moon elves reach the coast of the moon, Miya rises and leads her people against the foreign invaders. Despite their best efforts, Miya and her elf friends are cornered by countless hostile hordes to offer one last resistance in the Temple of the Moon.

When Miya knelt in the middle of the temple to say her last prayer, just as the armies of humans and orcs were about to destroy this sacred place, a miracle happened. Moon god answered Miya’s prayer and blessed her bow with a holy and mighty power. Miya grabbed her bow and let go of an arrow that turned gray into an eagle spirit with star power that split the opposing army.

Miya led her people out of the temple and showered her enemies with star-driven arrows with every bow. Meanwhile, the eagle hovers over the enemy, separates them and attacks them, like a flood the people and orcs begin to retreat quickly the moon god. .

Deep down, Miya easily knew that the war would never end if this matter wasn’t stopped at its roots. With the blessing of the moon god, he set off on a journey in that direction Land of dawn, hoping to find a king who can bring peace and order to this world.

after reading the story Land of the Dawn or Story of Hero Miya Mobile Legends you should know too Skills owned by heroes Mia:

  • Turbo (passive)
    This passive skill increases Miya’s attack speed by 5% for 4 seconds. In addition, this skill can also be stacked up to 8 times.
  • Split shot (active 1)
    Miya’s first ability. Miya shoots two arrows and can attack 2 targets at the same time. This skill also increases Miya’s base damage by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Rain of arrows (active 2)Miya throws up arrows and is then showered with arrows repeatedly in one area. If the enemy is hit by the arrow 4 times, the hero is stunned for 1 second.
    This skill is very effective when used in war. Can meet many heroes at the same time.
  • Turbo stealth (ultimate)
    Miya’s ultimate skill is very unique in that it is not an attack skill. This skill can remove all negative effects and make Miya disappear for 1 second.

after i knew Skills which is owned Hero Miya is back in this article Build Gear Items Miya Mobile Legends Top Global, Miya Top Global, Miya Top Player, Miya Top Local, Miya Savage Items, Build Miya Savage, Miya ml Items, Miya Damage Items are big, Miya is injured, Miya is the strongest, newest Miya Products:

  • Fast boots
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Wind announcer
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Demon hunter sword
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Berserker’s rage
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Haas’ claws
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blade of Despair
    Equipment build Miya Mobile Legends Top Global

The build above is Miya’s strongest build Mobile legends before Which combat spell is suitable for Hero Miya?

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