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Equipment build Khufra Mobile Legends Top Global

Equipment build Khufra Mobile Legends Top Global

Chufra is Moonton’s newest tank role hero, the skill he has Hero Chufra many have an effect Crowd control.This hero is one of the rulers of the desert land in the western part of the Land of Dawn, ruling a very hideous kingdom and terrible tyranny.

Equipment build Khufra Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Khufra Mobile Legends Top Global

You can get the Khufra hero in the shop by using battle points of 32000 or 599 with diamonds. The Khufra tank hero is a tough and resilient hero.

The story of the top Global Mobile Legends hero Khufra

At the end of the Western Desert, an ancient city lies hidden in the sand. Even if centuries had passed, the desert sands could not engulf this city, which stood strong and majestic in the middle of the sea of ​​void. Antique scholars have long talked about this fabled city. where the most famous ruler who is none other than Khufra.

Khufra is a greedy ruler, colder than ice and limitlessly greedy. To satisfy his personal thirst for power, he leads a powerful army of Arnaks to attack the city to conquer the western desert. Khufra tirelessly builds up his blood strength and incomparable wealth. Unfortunately, the Minoan Empire turned out to be too difficult an enemy to conquer.

Still, Khufra wants more power. He is looking for the most famous fortune teller in the Land of Dawn to help him. To Khufra’s disappointment, the fortune teller knows Khufra’s dangerous intent and refuses and is immediately killed by him. Only the young Eslora feels very drawn to Khufra, who later become lovers, Khufra’s stupidity sends Eslora into a chaos of conflict and love. Gradually, Eslora loves Khufra more and more and begins to help Khufra in his reign, over time Eslora uses her magical abilities to bestow magical powers on Khufra that have never been seen before. But Khufra became more and more cruel and greedy for power. The conquest of Khufra does not end with the Western Desert, he tries to conquer the entire Land of Dawn, seeing the cruelty of his love. Eslora decided to save Khufra from the people’s hatred.

Even after that, Khufra continued to use magic to increase his strength. He asked Eslora to cast all spells on him. He must completely eliminate the Minoan Empire, no one can question his power, one night Eslora came to Khufra and he hugged his beloved tightly, he began to put Khufra under a strong curse, Khufra awaited the high power that Eslora suddenly gave him ., Khufra felt pressured by a strong force. He turned and looked at Eslora, no matter how Khufra tried to free himself, Eslora never stopped singing her curse. Khufra couldn’t believe that her lover was punishing her. Eslora wept as she tied her sealed lover into a deep sleep forever. he decided to personally lock his beloved in the ancient city and erect a great monument. Eslora believed that it was better to end Khufra before he is hated by the people, made history and remembered as a cruel king who loved nothing but power and power. Since then, the smoke of war has disappeared in the western desert.

Hundreds of years later, however, a catastrophic event occurred in the western desert, a burst of energy from a ball woke Khufra from his sleep, filled with hatred and anger. Back in the world, Khufra cannot accept betrayal from his beloved.

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of the hero Khufra in Top Global Mobile Legends, my friend must now know the abilities of the hero Khufra:

  • Magic Curse (Passive)
    Khufra can activate the magic curse left by Esmeralda every 12 seconds to increase the distance to the next normal attack. He can also inflict magic damage and a slowing effect on the enemy.
  • Tyrant’s Revenge (Active 1)This skill is quite unique in that it does fairly large area of ​​effect (AOE) damage by throwing itself in the direction you want.
  • Bounce Balls (Active 2)
    This is a key skill that Khufra possesses in blocking the opponent’s movement. Khufra will wrap himself around his hand with a bandage to become a magical bounce ball, or a large ball that bounces up and down.
  • Tyrant’s Rage (Ultimate)
    This ultimate is accomplished by pulling all enemies around Khufra. The stun effect of this skill not only deals significant physical damage, but also locks enemies easily.

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