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Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global

Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global

Gord is a hero in the role of a magician, this hero has ultimate which is very hurtful Let the enemy run to dodge them.

Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Gord Mobile Legends

Hero Gord Mobile Legends is a Mage-Type hero with a Damage / Poke Specialist. Gord can be bought in the shop for 24,000 battle points or 499. With a ticket, Gord is a wizard who walks through the air with a surfboard. Gord is a hero scary the enemy, when, when a war occurs, the input of Gord is the ultimate move that Gord has, which is by making a laser straight ahead as it outputs Goku’s move, which is Kame Hame.

The story of Hero Gord Mobile Legends Top Global

Gord has always been living proof of excellence within the Magic Academy. He was born with a talent for manipulating mystical powers, having mastered several complex spells at a young age. but that was definitely a double-edged sword as Gord got more and more arrogant over time. Once at the academy he came across a forbidden book that contained a method of using mystical powers to simulate the pure mystical existence of the human body. The young magician buried himself in the opening and started his action, regardless of the opinions of others, it worked at first, pure mystical energy began to flow in Gord’s veins so that he could cast even more powerful spells. Then it went wrong because Gord was filled with mystical energy, Gord then tried to find a solution out of ancient magic. When two different energies collided, Gord’s body almost broke. Thanks to the help of Elward, the head wizard, the turbulence in Gord’s body was finally brought under control, the incident tormented Gord very much and left half red and half bruises on his body. What’s worse, Gord will never be able to become a creature that contains pure mystical energy.

Elward cheers Gord so that he can finally get back on his feet. Then Elward invited Gord to continue his career as a magician and invited him to teach at the academy. After careful consideration, Gord accepted the offer. hoping to find a student who would continue his studies without making the same mistakes, from that day Gord began a new life as the toughest professor in the wizarding academy.

after reading Land of Dawn or the story of Hero Gord in Mobile Legends now you have to know the skills of the hero Gord:

  • Mystical Favor (Passive)
    If Gord attacks the same target five times with his abilities within a short period of time, Gord’s attack causes additional magical damage of 200 points (+ 120% total magical power). With the ability of this passive skill, Gord’s attacks on his enemies become even more painful.
  • Mystical Projectile (Active 1)
    Gord throws a magic bomb into the target area, enemies in the target area suffer magic damage of 270 (+ 80% total magic power) points and reduce their running speed by 70% for 2 seconds. Enemies in the middle of the area take 30% additional damage and gain a stun effect for a while.
  • Mystical Injuction (Active 2)
    When using this skill, Gord summons energy from the ground that inflicts magic damage to enemies above him every 0.45 seconds for 80 (+ 20% total magical power) points.
  • Mystic Gush (Ultimate)
    Gord fires a pool of energy in a specific direction. Enemies that hit him take magic damage of 190 (+ 60% total magic power) points every 0.3 seconds and slow them by 10% for 3 seconds.

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  • Demon shoes
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Clock of fate
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Lightning stick
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Frozen wand
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Divine glaive
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blood wing
    Equipment build Gord Mobile Legends Top Global

Build is up Strongest Gord Build in Mobile Legends then What combat spell does Hero Gord use?

Battle magic hero Gord?

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