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EPIC ETERNAL! Tips for Push Rank Mobile Legends Solo Season 21

Playing games to fill up free time is very effective for relieving boredom. Many games popular in Indonesia are played by game lovers, including PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend, Free Fire, and many more. Well, this time around, will be discussing one of Moonton’s games, Mobile Legend.

The game was released on July 11, 2021 and has been downloaded more than 100 million times by other users on the Playstore.

The developer of Mobile Legend has separated new / new players from old / professional players, namely by differentiating ranks / levels from Warrior to Mythic Glory.

Mobile Legend players who have reached epic level / rank will surely feel irritated and always say rude (TOXIC) when they meet a team that keeps dying because at this epic level many people call it the hell level. Who is not irritated by the level that is still at EPIC or EPIC ABADI even though you have played thousands of matches, your skills are already high and the gameplay is good. Then why is it so difficult to rate Mythic? read the article below.

Now that we’ve gotten into Mobile Legend, we’ve stepped into Season 19, so it’s not going to be an eternal epic, let’s read it Tips for Push Rank Mobile Legend Solo Season 19.

Tips to Rank Mobile Legend Solo Season 19. to improve

1. Master the hero

When you have a new hero, don’t try rank, try classical or practice. because if you have more control over one of the heroes, you can balance your opponent’s game and even beat your opponent easily.

In order for victory to be easy to achieve, putting in an uncontrolled hero will only make you a burden on the team.

2. Pay attention to the deployed enemy heroes

When playing draft pick mode, pay attention to the enemy hero used, do not use the hero you want carelessly. like the sniper / magician hero, namely Kimmy for a suitable counterattack for the hero, you can use the tank / support lolita hero by using his 2 skills so that the damaging skills issued by Kimmy have no effect at all.

3. Pay attention to the signal / network

No matter how well you play online games, especially Mobile Legend, if your signal goes down, don’t try to force the main leaderboard as it has already been confirmed you will lose. Before playing with leaderboards, try playing Classic or Brawl first to make sure your signal / ping is going smoothly.

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4. Watch out for cards

You don’t focus too much on one country and the opponent you are facing will often roam around helping friends when you are at war so the chances of winning are even greater. However, if you want to roam, clean the minions / creeps first so that the tower is not destroyed when the land is left.

5. Don’t be emotional / selfish

If you find a player who is less professional, or let’s say “noob,” don’t say rude and strange or TOXIC words. Remember, don’t get carried away with emotions because this person is getting more and more and can be AFK. Support with nice words so that the player becomes enthusiastic and even better.

6. Watch the time while playing

How does it feel to find a bocil player who is presumptuous and plays carelessly?
You will get irritated, emotional, and sure to lose the stars you deserve so hard for playing alone. The best time to play Mobile Legend is in eveningbecause the little boy was sleeping.

7. Play with #AnjayMabar

This last method is very powerful for ranking up to Mythic as the chance of losing is very small.

Mabar benefits too, you already know the hero used by your Mabar friends and you can find out how far the skill is.

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