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Endless battle, the greatest real damaging item - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Endless Battle Guide Mobile Legends

Endless struggle is one of the elements in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game. Endless Battle is an attack item used by heroes with physical damage such as shooters, fighters, and assassins.

This Endless Battle is a very complete item, folks. Why complete? Because this item provides a lot of basic statistics. On top of that, the passive of this Endless Battle item is also very good, folks who will deal extra real damage.

Endless Battle Mobile Legends Item Function

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss more about Endless Battle Mobile Legends items. Before we go any further, I’ll talk about the ground state that this gives us. Let’s take a look at the rating below.

Base status

+65 physical attack: Endless Battle’s additional physical attack status is very large indeed folks. That number is pretty big, early to middle game guys.

+25 mana regeneration: With mana regeneration you don’t often go back to the base because you run out of mana, because your mana is regenerated or because it is replenished every second.

+250 hp: That number is pretty big for the size of non-tanker heroes. So you have a longer shelf life.

+ 10% cooldown reduction: this additional status makes you spam skills more often, especially for heroes who are very dependent on skills you need this status boys of course.

+ 5% movement speed: pretty big guys so you can be faster when roaming. This number can be increased again with the passive from Endless Battle items.

+ 15% life steal: Though not as big as the Haas Claw item, the extra life steal from Endless Battle is pretty big folks. With that amount alone, you don’t have to go back to base to regenerate HP.

Since the basic status of this Endless Battle item is very complete or a lot, the price of 2470 gold is very expensive. The comparison is very far from other life-stealing items like the demon hunter sword and the Haas claws.

Passive: Divine Justice

Endless Battle Mobile Legends

Endless Battle Mobile Legends

The first passive of this endless combat item becomes active after you use the skill. So after using the skill, the next basic attack will deal real damage equal to 70% of your physical attack.

That real damage can’t be stopped by enemy armor, guys. No matter how great the armor of the enemy, your real damage will still occur.

This endless combat passive item has a 1.5 second cooldown. The passive effect does not reappear immediately. You have to wait another 1.5 seconds for the passive voice to become active again.

This Endless Battle item is perfect for you to buy in the third or fourth slot as you will need to increase the physical attack first in order for the passivity to be felt.

Passive: Chasing Fate

Endless Battle’s second passive activates when the first passive is active. The second passive ability of these items increases your movement speed by 10% when the first passive skill is active. So you get 15% additional movement speed, 5% of the basic status and 10% of the passive.

Endless struggle and thunder belt

Passive Endless Combat will do you real damage after using the skill. The true damage inflicted is 70% of the number of physical attacks you have.

Endless struggle and thunder belt

Well the Thunder Belt item will do you an additional real damage equal to 2% of the total HP you have. Real harm from both of these items works and the first thing that comes out is which item you bought first. For example, if you buy an Endless Battle item first, the real damage will come from that item first. When Endless Battle’s passive is on cooldown, Thunder Belt true damage works.

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Endless fight against Haas Claws

Haas Claws Mobile Legends
Haas Claws Mobile Legends

The Lifesteal effect granted by Endless Battle items is a base value. So you can stack. For example, if you buy two Endless Battle items, you get 30% Lifesteal.

But the life robbery in Haas Claws is not an underlying asset, it is a passive one. So you cannot buy two Haas Claws for an additional 40% Life Steal. Buying 2 Haas Claws items is a wasted step guys.

However, when you buy Endless Battle items and Haas Claws, you get an additional 35% Life Steal.

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Endless fight against demon hunter sword

Demon Hunter Sword Mobile Legends

Demon Hunter Sword Mobile Legends

The Lifesteal effect of the Demon Hunter Sword is very different from the Lifesteal that Endless Battle items and Haas Claws offer. The life of the demon hunter sword is given in stages. A one-time basic attack gives you 4% life steal. You can get a maximum life deal of up to 20%. Then you first have to give a basic attack 5 times.

While Endless Battle’s lifeblood effect is not stacked. This effect will work immediately. For example, if you give 1 basic attack, you immediately gain 15% life steal.

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Endless fight against bloodlust ax

Endless Battle gives you Lifesteal, that is, HP regeneration when you attack the target with a normal attack. While Bloodlust Ax gives you a vampire spell that is HP regeneration when attacking targets with skills.

Which hero is suitable for Endless Battle

As I mentioned before folks, Endless Battle items passives become active after you unlock abilities. The next basic attack deals 70% true damage. Therefore, this item is very suitable for heroes who have a relatively short cooldown. Here are some heroes that go with Endless Battle items.


Lesley Mobile Legends.
Lesley Mobile Legends. Source: Metaco

Endless Battle is the main item for Lesley. Lesley is a shooter with a Shortcast Ability 1. The next base attack is going to do tremendous damage, guys, and the range is very long.

Now when you buy Endless Battle items this huge damage is increased again as you are dealing real damage that armor cannot penetrate. In addition, this Endless Battle item gives you extra movement speed and life steal.


Just like Lesley, Clint also has the very short spell abilities 3 and 1. Thus, Endless Battle is the main subject for Clint. Real damage from Endless Battle and Thunder Belt will work folks.


Aldous Mobile Legends
Aldous Mobile Legends. Source: Oketekno

Aldous did enormous damage with his first skill. After using Skill 1, the next basic attack does enormous damage. By purchasing Endless Battle items, after using Skill 1, normal attacks also do real damage that enemy armor cannot penetrate.

Other battle heroes such as Alpha, Leomord and Martis are also suitable for the use of Endless Battle items. Because they have a relatively short casting ability.

When was it bought?

Endless Battle items are perfect for purchase in the third or fourth slot. Maybe you just bought the Vampire Mallet item in the beginning, which worked for the life robbery. This item is also part of Endless Battle items. At the beginning you buy attack items first, for example Berserker’s Fury or other attack items.

That’s the discussion, guys this time, about the Endless Battle Mobile Legends Bang Bang Item. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for more information on the game.

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