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Easy ways to merge videos and subtitles without any application – Do you like to watch movies? Here’s an easy way to combine videos and subtitles without an app in just a few minutes.

Do you like to watch foreign films? I am sure that many readers will enjoy it here very much. There is no end to foreign films, from Western, Korean, Japanese and even anime films, they always have huge fans in every region.

But do you understand the conversation between actor and artist? Of course, if you can speak the language that’s fine, but what if you don’t know the language? Of course you need subtitles.

Some videos that are distributed on the internet usually have subtitles embedded in the video, but others do not. Hence, you need to download external subtitles so that you can watch movies conveniently.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who are confused about why the subtitles are illegible and how to combine them. But calm down, mate.

Because this time I’m going to give a tutorial on how to combine videos and subtitles without the help of additional software. Sounds easy right? Yes, this tutorial is really easy!

To save time, here are the steps to merge subtitles and separate videos.

How to Merge Videos and Subtitles Easily

  1. Make sure the subtitles are in the form of a file with a. are present SRT.
  2. Put the video and subtitles in the same folder.
  3. Just like the video name, rename the subtitle by right-clicking and selecting Rename and rename the file to be the same.
  4. And here are the results.

Make sure the video name and subtitle are the same

Video and subtitles in one

For those still not working, you may have passed some basic steps that I didn’t mention above. And here are some basic steps that you should take before starting this tutorial.

Important : Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have prepared a subtitle file that you can download from Google. If the downloaded file is still in the format RAR or zipper, please right-click to extract it and select Extract files. After this step is completed, you can follow the tutorial I wrote above.

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