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Easy Ways to Get Free Hero Skins in Mobile Legends

How to get free hero skins in Mobile Legends – On this occasion, the admin returns to review the Mobile Legends game where there are different types of legendary heroes to fight with in the arena. Actually, the standard hero display is pretty good and interesting. However, if you want to change the hero’s appearance to differentiate yourself from the rest, you can use skins that can be purchased with premium currency (diamonds). In addition to changing the hero’s appearance, the benefits of using skins in Mobile Legends can also increase Physical attack +8 as well as changing some attack animations. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

But unfortunately, the price of skins in Mobile Legends is pretty exhaustive, so maybe some players will feel sorry for them when they have to buy skins. In this article, the admin provides some easy ways to get free hero skins in Mobile Legends that you can practice right away. Below, the administrator has summarized 5 ways to get free skins.

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How to get free hero skins in Mobile Legends

1. Gambling

An easy way to get free Haro skins in Mobile Legends is by gambling where the grand prize is a premium hero skin. Every week the gift skin is refreshed or replaced with a different hero skin. You have two chances to play Lucky for free twice a week. If you are lucky, you can easily get a permanent hero skin. Also read: Mobile Legends Lucky Spin Trick

2. Attend the daily login event

The second easy option is to watch the login event every day, with the grand prize being on the seventh day Luxury Trial Card Skin Package with which you can play for 1 day.

3. Using fragments

There are three types of Fragments in Mobile Legends, namely: Premium skin fragments, Rare skin fragments as well as Fragment hero. This third method is recommended by the administrator for those of you who want to permanently get a free hero skin in Mobile Legends. You can collect all three types of fragments to buy skins. The way to get to this fragment is quite simple, namely by opening free chests and medal chests that you can open every day.

4. Using the test card

The fourth way to get a free Mobile Legends skin is by using a test card. You will receive this trial card daily from the event login package. But unfortunately the skin is only playable in classic mode and only for one day.

5. Raise the rank to master

This is the main goal of Mobile Legends players to pursue the top league. Now, if you’ve been promoted to the Master Division, the season changes every three months, with one of the prizes being a skin if you’ve made the Master Division or higher.

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Well, these are 4 easy ways to get free hero skins in Mobile Legends that the admin can bring you. Hopefully the article can be useful and expand your knowledge. Good luck and good luck!

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