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Easy ways to find the content of Clan Castle (CC) Enemy War in COC. to find out

An easy way to get the content of the clan castle from opponents of war in COC. to find out – In Clash of Clans, when we attack the village against the war, one of the weapons we cannot guess is the contents of their clan castle. And the content of the clan castle is not to be underestimated when carrying out an attack, because it can destroy any strategies that you have put together. We often make wrong predictions and are deceived when we suspected that the contents of the clan castle are only archers and barbarians, but when we attack it turns out that the dragons or wizards are quite ferocious.

If you just want to predict the contents of the clan castle, it is very simple, you can see how many levels your enemy’s clan castle has. Because each level has its own capacity. Here are the clan’s castle levels and their capacities.

  • Clan castle level 1: capacity of 10 troops
  • Clan castle level 2: capacity 15 troops
  • Clan Castle Level 3: Capacity of 20 troops (can be filled with dragons)
  • Clan castle level 4: capacity of 25 troops
  • Clan castle level 5: capacity of 30 troops
  • Clan castle level 6: capacity 35 troops

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By knowing the level of the clan castle one has of course already a small idea of ​​the contents of the troops in it. Of course, if it’s still level 1 and 2 then it is impossible to contain dragons, but what you need to be aware of is level 3 and above. Because the higher the level, the more troops there are.

Well, a bit Tips for beginners new to the war. When you attack, the first thing you need to do is lure the contents of the enemy clan castle to get the most out of it. You can lure them with archers or barbarians in the corner of the base after the clan castle contents come out. lure them away from other weapons. This is to ensure that your troops are not shot at by other weapons. After moving away, you can finish the contents of the clan castle until it is done. Please also help Spell position, that one Clash of Clans spell works for reduces blood, slows movement speed and reduces damage against enemies, including the contents of the clan castle.

Back on topic, on this occasion I want to share a simple trick that you might be able to do Find out the contents of the enemy clan-castle-war Clash of Clans. I got this trick while visiting a blog called The trick I’m going to share doesn’t have to use any third party applications like Xmodgames etc, and you can do this trick on Prepation Day before War Day begins. Okay, down is an easy way to view the content of the war hostile clan castle in COC. to find out.

Tricks to the Sis Clan Castle War in Coc.  to find out

How to find out the contents of the Enemy Clan Castle War Clash of Clans

As I mentioned above, you can do this during the prep day. And I assume that you have now entered the war with a permanent clan.

  1. At the time of preparation day, you can order your clan friends who are not watching the war to join as a member of the enemy clan that is related to your clan. Or it could be by using your second CoC account.
  2. Please search for your enemy’s clan name on the clan search page. After the meeting, you can immediately send a request to join them as a member.
  3. In addition, after successfully joining, you can directly enter the clan war in which they are currently participating.
  4. At this point, you can take notes right away or record the contents of your enemy’s clan castle one by one. If necessary, you can also record all the hidden defenses in the base such as air bombs, feather traps, giant bombs and others.
  5. After the sound has successfully recorded all the enemy’s defenses, you can immediately report back to your clan friends. Can be through the BBM group or WhatsApp. Or directly through the chat rooms available in Clash of Clans.

Done, completing this method is to send an envoy from your clan friends who are not following the war, or you can also use your second COC account to join the enemy clan. This trick is very important if you are a leader or clan leader in Coc. So that you can achieve victory with the right strategy.

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So a little review an easy way to view the content of the war hostile clan castle in COC. to find out What I can say can be useful and add to your insight into Clash of Clans. Good luck and hopefully useful. Regards!.

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