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Title: Easy way to Evo-Koma DN INA Piece
Link: Easy Way to Get Evo-Koma DN INA Piece

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Easy way to Evo-Koma DN INA Piece

Confused where to get the Evo-Koma piece from? This time around, I’m going to share some tips for those of you who are having trouble finding Evo-Koma parts. The Evo-Koma piece itself is the material used to make the Evo-Koma hammer, which will later be used to develop your Koma gear. Curious? Is that not correct: D Cekidot

1. Daily piece coma

This tag can usually be erased through spam dungeons between the portals of the warped zone or the aortic gate. The daily newspaper itself happens to be between the two portals.

-Portal Distorted Zone, it takes 5x dungeon spam inside, just a suggestion, the spam in the twisted fountain (TF) dungeon because it is shorter.

-Portal Aortentor, need to spam the dungeon 10 times, just suggest to spam the Dungeon Crade of the Abandoned (Flying Elephant). According to some sources, clearing dungeons on the Blue Sand Trade Router portal, for example Blue Wind Meadow (BWM), can also be done to complete this daily slice of Evo-Koma while also searching for gold. : D

2. Martyrs Desert Dragon Nest

This method requires decent equipment because with this new Desert Dragon Clear Nest method. The method is:

– Normal mode: Evo-Koma pieces can be obtained by selecting the gold box when the nest is free. Even then, it has to be hockey and only get 1 seed.

-Hardcore mode: Evo-Koma parts can be obtained by clearing this mode. Each party member is entitled to 1 Evo-Koma piece. And there’s an addition by choosing the gold box if it’s a clear nest. Even then it has to be hockey and get 2 seeds. The total acquisition of Evo-Koma Pieces in HC mode is therefore 3 pieces (2 pieces for hockey, yes: D).

3. Ice dragon nest

A new nest that is quite “calling” from the equipment required to the stage. How to get the Evo-Koma piece here:

-Ice Dragon Nest 4 Man (Normal): Every time you are free, you are entitled to 1 piece of Evo-Koma. If Hockey selects a gold box when clearing the nest, you can get 1 more seed.

-Ice Dragon Nest 4 Man (HC): Wadoo, TS has never cleared this nest so I don’t know how many Evo Koma parts you can get. : D

4. Exchange point leader

Do you have an idle point ladder? Simply swap for the Evo-Koma Piece. The exchange takes 500 ladder points and 1 week can only be exchanged once. Assuming the AVG ladder is over 1800.

5. Exchange the Goddess Light

Evo-Koma pieces can be obtained by exchanging 20 pieces of Goddess Light. 1 week can only be exchanged once. There are many ways to get Goddess Light such as disassembling revenge / coma gear, clearing nests, completing daily missions, etc.

6. Bag

You can get 1 piece of evo-coma from the pouch that you get on clear daily missions of 7 pieces.

7. Events

-Desert Hunting Day: Every DHD Clear all party members are entitled to 1 Piece-Evo Koma.

-Reward visit: just log in with your char and receive the reward according to the schedule. You can also get the Evo-Koma piece.

This is how you can easily get to the Evo-Koma DN INA Piece

That’s an article on How to Easily Get a DN INA Evo-Koma Piece This Time, Hopefully You Can All Benefit From It. Well, see you in another article post.

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