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Easy and Fast Ways to Make UZI Weapons in Game LifeAfter - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

The long range weapon that you can craft at the start of the game is the Mondragon Rifle weapon. The advantage of this weapon is that it has a long range of fire, but behind its advantages there is a noticeable disadvantage, this weapon has a very low attack power and rate of fire.

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After completing almost all of the newbie quests available, you can usually make a better weapon than the Mondragon Rifile, the weapon I mean here is the UZI SMG. The difference in attack power of these two weapons is very different, UZI has an attack power of up to 35.0 while Mondragon only has an attack power of 27.0.

Easy and quick ways to make UZI weapons in the LifeAfter game
Easy and quick ways to make UZI weapons in the LifeAfter game

Later, after your crafting skill level increases, there are even more powerful weapons you can craft like Sniper, Mosin-Nagant SR, M24, UMP9, Thompson SMG, MP5 SMG, AR, Remington, M870, and 590m.

You can get the recipe for the above weapon by combining the shards in Formula Research (R&D). This tool randomly generates weapon recipes, armor and building recipes.

In order to be able to manufacture weapons / armor in this case, the mastery level must be fulfilled for each profession. In this post, I am going to show you how to make and obtain UZI SMG weapons.

Conditions and recipes for crafting SMG UZI weapons in the LifeAfter game

After you complete the mansion upgrade to level 3 (How to upgrade the mansion level), open the option to create UZI. And another requirement to be able to craft this weapon is that the character’s combat mastery level must be level 10 or higher.

In order to make a UZI weapon, the following materials must be collected;

  • 10 fruit Cast iron (can be crafted on site to craft weapons / armor)
  • 10 fruit Hexagonal nail
  • 20th fruit claw which you can get from Dropan Mobs or buy at the town market.

To make iron casting, you will need tin ore, iron ore, and wood core. You can easily find iron ore in the autumn forest map (CharlesCity server) by destroying boulders with a pickaxe. Tin ore can sometimes be extracted from boulders, but there is a lot of tin ore on the sandcastle map. Wood core is obtained by cutting down trees on the Sandcastle map.

As the above three materials to the category. belong Secondary resources, so you probably won’t find it with just one hit, for example iron ore extracted from a boulder, you won’t always get iron ore. I strongly recommend using the power hit feature. There is a small icon next to the tool icon; that you can tap and hold and release to deal a full blow to a tree or rock. These are my tips for getting your iron ore, tin ore, and wood cores easily.

How to do hexagonal nails

As I wrote above, Hexagon Nail is the material that UZI SMG guns are made from in the LifeAfter game. You won’t keep this item as young as you get stone or wood, as this material can only be made from pig iron (made from iron ore and twigs obtained from felling trees), hardwood vines, and bones.

Tips: To get hardwood easily, you need to cut trees in the Autum Forest (Charlestown server) when it rains. Bones can be obtained from loot mobs.

How do I get a claw?

Claw is a UZI weapon material obtained by killing animals, zombies on the maps of Sandcastle or Charles Town. To go to this place, I suggest creating a team. Currently, your character is still relatively weak compared to the mobs on this map. The level of the mobs in this map is at least level 13.

Tips and tricks for creating SMG UZI in LifeAfter

  1. Focus on finding a material, for example for iron casting, focus on collecting tin ore, iron ore and wood cores first. Finish collecting to make one material first before looking for another. These tips will help you get UZI weapons easily and quickly.
  2. If you are having trouble getting certain items or items, quickly and immediately go to the central market in town 101 and buy the ingredients from there.
  3. Form a Group – Form a group with friends or camp members so they can help each other, this method also prevents boredom collecting materials. You can also kill mob zombies and animals quickly and easily through parties in order to drop their claws.

How to get a UZI weapon skin

Weapon skins are not just for looks, there are several weapon skins that add certain stats to the character when used.

There are currently three UZI weapon skins available; Rainy Dav Vanguard, Snow Elite and Collector’s Edition. All three have different cool looks as well as different statistics. Here are the stat points of these three UZI skins;

  • Rainy Dav Vanguard : Increases damage when it rains by 6% and attack power by 2.
  • Snow elite : Increases attack power by 2, walking speed by 5%, damage increases by 12% in snowy places.
  • Collector’s edition : Attack power increased by 3 points, walking speed when shooting increased by 20% and ammunition / projectile capacity increased.

How to get UZI skin in LifeAfter

After seeing the additional points above, I’m sure you’ll want to get yourself a UZI skin. The way to get the three skins above is to merge shards (intermediate formula; Fusion II) in the formula research facility, with hints that they are obtained randomly.

Tips on using SMG UZI weapons in LifeAfter games

  1. Don’t forget to repair after use
  2. Always bring coarse ammunition to reload
  3. Fixing the UZI lowers the saturation point, when it becomes 0 you can no longer repair it.
  4. You can increase the damage of UZI weapons by empowering.

That was the first article on an easy and quick way to make Uzi weapons that also has very useful tips and tricks for you to follow. Thank you for visiting the PlayGames ID blog.

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