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Durango Wild Lands Defense Skill Tree Leveling Guide - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

After posting and explaining the melee skill tree yesterday, this time, as promised, I will explain the defense skill tree.

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A very important skill for every type of fighter, be it warrior or melee, as well as for long-range fighters.

Defense Skills Tree Durango Wild Lands

The defense skill tree has three branches, each with their own specialization.

By taking this skill branch, your character will learn the life restoration, which regenerates health, and stamina restoration, which regenerates the character’s stamina.

Body training
This section increases your character’s Defense, Dodge (Avoidance), and Life Points. Learning or acquiring this skill is a must.

Defense action
When you take this skill, you will gain the active roll skill, which is used to dodge the opponent’s attack, or learn the parry skill, which your character can use to repel incoming attacks. Both are highly recommended for melee players.

Leveling the defense skill tree

Often times, in order to level up the defense skill tree, you will need to use melee stances or use melee weapons and perform active defense skills such as rolling or parrying.

The character gains a skill exp for successfully evading the opponent’s attack.


  • If you are planning to become a warrior who makes melee attacks using melee weapons, you will need to learn all of the skills in this defense skill tree.
  • Health / HP and stamina are required by all types of characters, so learning how to restore life and stamina is a must, especially if you want to rampage on the wild island.

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