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Durango Wild Lands Buff Types and Features - PlayGames | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

polishing is an additional effect that characters can get weapons, armor or by eating. With that extra buff you can add stat on character.

Durango Wild Lands Buff Types and Features
Durango Wild Lands Buff Types and Features

I also mean buff or positive status strength, agility, Skill, charisma, perception, and will. I’ll cover the functionality of all of these buffs below.

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1. Strength (Str)

This buff is very important for those of you who want to fight with dinosaurs or against characters from other players on the wild island. You can get this Strength Buff (str) from different types of dinosaur meat.

– Can increase character attack
– Can increase the character’s defense
– Can improve weapon skill (ability to get good weapons when crafting weapons)

2. Mobility (Agi)

You can get this buff from plants that are typically planted by farmers. The agility buff is required for a long attack type job (range).

– Can improve accuracy
– Can increase evasion

3. Skill (health)

You can get the status effect of this dex from onions and wheat, which are special buffs. because the effects are very useful when doing handicrafts, collecting or hunting or in war.

– Increases the chance of getting a critical hit in a major attack
Increase your weapon skill, which will make the results of the weapons you make even better.
Increase your tailoring skills in making fabrics or making clothes.
Speed ​​up the harvesting process, tree felling, mining and mud / manure collection. So this buff is perfect for you if you want to find materials on how to collect domain aliases.

4. Charisma (Charisma)

You can get Buff Charisma from Fruits yourself. This buff is suitable for those of you who enjoy activities in the camp and domain. because all specified effects relate to the processing, cultivation and manufacture of objects.

Provides skill enhancement for tailors. either in the manufacture of fabric or in the manufacture of clothing.
Improved cooking skills for clan chefs.
Increases the farming effect and at the same time becomes the only buff that gives farming effects.

5. Perception

Next up is the perceptual buff, you can get this buff from peanuts. This buff is perfect for butchers who typically take meat, skin, bones, etc. from animals.

Can shorten the meeting time for slaughter.
Can increase the possibility of perfection when coming together so that the durability and level of the item do not decrease during the coming together.

6. Will.

buff will is a special buff for everyone who wants to use natural ingredients. because this buff is the only food buff that has a reinforcing effect when processing ingredients.

Significantly increases the maximum energy.
Increase your battle skills e.g. B. when taking skin, meat and bones.
Generates additional effects in material processing, which saves time and energy in material processing.

Food buffs

  • Hamburger (str + dex) suitable for weapon skill and for combat
  • Wine (will + flawless ability) suitable for perfect slaughter and perfect processing
  • Aged cheese (pro + cha) suitable for perfect cooking, agriculture, sewing and tailoring
  • Filled bread (with the error “dex + will”) is suitable for processing
  • Dutch coffee (10% or more, instant recovery from fatigue)
  • Spicy chicken (str + per) suitable for slaughter and decoration weapon (best decoration option)
  • Cream cake (dex + per) suitable for flawless collecting and cultivation
  • Garnish fried noodles (with meat for garnish)
  • Got three buff str + dex + pro ~ Suitable for crafting skills and flawless decor ability
  • Black tea (reduce aiming speed by 11%) suitable for bow / crossbow users
  • Pills, the best pills are the use of flower things with impeccable cultivation. With it, you can recover 480 health

Buff items


Accuracy Buff

Added accuracy.

Oil added

N / A

AGI buff

Agility added.


Large material through successful mining (ore, stone). / Slaughter (meat).

Bleeding Poison Detox

N / A

Insecticide prevention material

N / A


N / A

Cold resistance buff

Cold resistance added.

Compact structure

Added lethality when crafting weapons.

DEX buff

Skill added.

Defense buff

Defense added

Durability buff

Increase the shelf life.

Durability debuff

Reduced shelf life.

END Buff

Stamina added.

Evasion Buff

Evasive maneuvers added.

Evasion Debuff

Reduce evasion.


Added attack on weapon crafting.


N / A


N / A

Good breathability

Added moisture resistance when crafting armor.

Heat resistance buff

Heat resistance added.


N / A


N / A

Material for the prevention of hemorrhagic toxins

N / A

High density

N / A

High durability

Extra durability.

Moisture resistance buff

Additional moisture resistance

Internal bleeding prevention material

N / A


N / A


Added accuracy when crafting weapons or dodging when crafting armor.

Treatment with lizard venom

N / A

Low shelf life

Reduced shelf life.


N / A


N / A


N / A


Raw materials can be processed.

Recreational medicine

Recreation life and health.

Remove status effects

Remove negative effects on characters.

Loyalty boost

N / A

Scorching Sun Resistance Buff

Searing Sun Resistance added.


N / A


N / A

Duration of the status effect

Status effect duration added.


N / A

Storage capacity

Storage capacity added.

STR buff

Extra strength

Tetanus prevention material

N / A

Tetanus treatment

N / A


Reduce the impact of food due to mistakes in collecting or cooking.

Well cooked

Increase the impact of food by successfully collecting or cooking it.


Will added.

Wind resistance buff

Added wind resistance.

This is my discussion of the types of buffs in the game Durango Wild Lands and how to get them.

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