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Durango: Survival Sandbox Game Mobile Review - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Durango is a mobile sandbox survival MMO game where players are thrown deep into prehistoric times with the warp of time and are challenged to survive in a harsh environment. Enter a detailed 2.5D world with graphics and mechanics beyond the average mobile game. Mingle and socialize with other players to build a village and survive as a unit against the onslaught of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Durango: Mobile Game Sandbox MMORPG

As a developer, Nexon is called “The Pioneer of Open World MMORPG Games” and puts more emphasis on exploring sandboxes and the ability to build civilizations out of the ground. Craft a variety of tools, forts, clothing, food, and more, using natural resources from around the world of Durango. Hunt, catch dinosaurs and tame dinosaurs to become pets and mounts, and use them in your community too.

Key Durango Features:

  • Survival Mobile Gameplay – Can create a base for your survival anywhere and create many items that can be crafted. a relatively rare genre for mobile games.
  • Game in the Prehistoric World – Enter a prehistoric game world full of carnivorous dinosaurs and abundant natural resources.
  • Community Building – Bring friends into the game or help them and build massive fortresses to defend yourself against both dinosaurs and other players.
  • Catch and Tame Dinosaurs – Catch and tame dinosaurs and can be ridden to participate in battle, allowing players to peacefully coexist with different species of dinosaurs.
  • The crafting system is flexible – uses a variety of resources to create a wide range of hunting tools, survival tools, and basic structures.

requirements minimum:

  • Android 4.0 or then / iOS 6.1 or new version

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