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Title: Download the Tencent Official Gaming Buddy Emulator
Link: Download Tencent Official Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator

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Download the Tencent Official Gaming Buddy Emulator

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy? What is inside? Since the advent of PUBG Mobile, there have been many third-party programs that are used as emulators to be able to play it on a PC. However, it is considered illegal by Tencent as editor Games.

Starting from this problem, the developers of PUBG Mobile made a breakthrough by creating an official emulator for PUBG Mobile called. have published Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Later, user those who use the emulator are merged on one server so that user Play through the PUBG Smartphone won’t meet.

This is why you should download Tencent Gaming Buddy

This is an immediate alternative for those of you who are having problems such as losing Smartphone or often delayed when playing PUBG Mobile. So what are the other benefits? Come on, take a look only the following review.

Published for fans of Tencent games

Tencent gaming buddy

TGB is the best answer for that player a fan of Tencent’s list of games. With this emulator officially released by Tencent, you no longer have to worry about performance limitations.

Of course, this emulator will really help you out while playing Games unafraid Delay. The games available will work as optimally as possible.

Download the Tencent Gaming Buddy here.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy, an easy-to-learn emulator

pubg mobile pc how do i install

Just so you know Here, Compared to some emulators that require configuration and are quite complicated, TGB can make it easier for you no to understand very how to “crack” an application.

So the step you need to take isdownload Download and then download the emulator from the Tencent Gaming Buddy official websiteTo installand select the list of games available at TGB, play immediately OK.

Video available recording for those of you who want to become one Streamer Youtube

LS Tencent Gaming Buddy supports video recording

For those of you who want to capture moments while playing or in a game Skills you are fine and you want to show yourself to your friends

In addition, if you have a talent that called Streamers, TGB offers functions Recordings. It is not impossible in the future you will be following in the footsteps of ninja Streamer famous You know.

You can play more than one game with Multi Window

Tencent Gaming Buddy supports recording mode

Multi-window button is possible if you want to open another game in TGB at the same time. You can play two or more games on multiple screens.

When illustrated, it looks like this: On the right screen, you are playing PUBG Mobile, while on the left screen, you are watching the COC (Clash of Clans) headquarters.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy as it supports more than one game

Tencent game supports more than one game

In addition to the PUBG Mobile game, more than 10 games have been registered in this emulator, including: Mobile Legends, AFK Arena, Ragnarok M, Rise of Kingdoms, Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, Cyber ​​Hunter, Legacy of Discord, Free Fire , Brawl Stars, Honkal Impact 3, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor and many others.

It is possible that the list of games could keep growing in the future considering that the TGB emulator does this very often Update about which games are being updated.

That’s a rating from Tencent Gaming Buddy. You are curious, aren’t you? Fast To install and enjoy the various advantages!

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