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Don't just buy! Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Khufra Mobile Legends

Chufra is one of the tank heroes in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This hero has a specialty Crowd control and initiator. He also became a tank that had durability or great perseverance.

This khufra is a tank that can stop heroes hyphen like Lancelot and Fanny. As long as he can position himself correctly, he can stop them and will let them attack get pregnant.

Well, in this article, Cecepkocep will discuss it Khufra’s strengths and weaknesses . You can consider buying khufra by reading this review. Let’s just talk about it.

Khufra’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends

Khufra's strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends
Khufra’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends


1. Very hard shell

All tanks have tremendous durability as they have to take enemy damage to protect their teammates. However, the durability of khufra will be even greater due to its second ability.

Khufra’s second ability is to turn it into a ball that can ricochet three times. In ball mode physical and magical defenseit will increase by 75%. This value is of course very large, especially when we buy Products Blade armor or Athena’s shield.

Of course, this khufra will later be a tank, which is very difficult to kill during a team fight. On top of that, the second skill is going to be really very annoying as it does magical damage.

2. Great damage

Khufra’s first skill has a damage modifier based on Khufra’s max HP. So the greater the HP of Khufra, the greater the damage that Khufra inflicts. Of course, the tank hero role has a thick HP.

In addition, Khufra’s passive skill also has a healing effect of 6% of Khufra’s max HP. The higher the HP, the greater the healing he will receive.

We can maximize this ability by buying Skyguard helmet items. This item offers a very large additional HP and a large HP regeneration. This way, the damage from skill 1 and the healing effects of passive skills become even greater.

3rd Crowd control area

Khufra’s third ability is an area where he pulls the enemy into the center. The way it works is almost similar to Martis’s 1st skill, but Khufra’s 3rd skill doesn’t really pull the enemy in the middle. The damage done by this skill is also quite big as it takes 100% of all physical attack.

Enemies drawn to the center will also be affected by a slow stun effect when near a wall. Even the damage done by khufra will also increase. That way, Skill 3 can be a very good crowd control for teamfights.

Khufra’s third skill is very good when we combine it with Grock and Badang, where they have the ability to break down walls. Especially if we combine it with Moskov or Fanny again.

4. Hero Anti Dash

In addition to the huge increase in physical and magical defense, Khufra’s second ability can also be used to stop heroes with sprinting or blinking skills like Harith. When Khufra becomes a ball, it can stop enemy blink abilities that are in its path.

Enemies that attempt to storm and are stopped by Khufra’s 2nd skill will also be hit by a bump effect. In this way, Khufra’s 2nd skill is very well suited to fighting agile heroes like Harith, Lancelot and Fanny.

5. High mobility

Khufra’s mobility can also be called high, as the jump from his first skill is very far. The longer we press this skill, the greater the line spacing. However, the further the line distance, the longer the attack by Khufra will be.

This way we can use this skill for fast roaming even if it is not very effective. This skill is better used to get the enemy out of the bush.


1. Difficult positioning

Khufra’s second ability is indeed very good against agile heroes like Fanny and Harith. However, we need proper positioning to stop them. We need to be able to predict enemy movement so that they can be on their way and be thrown up.

Then the duration of Khufra’s second skill is also relatively short, as it only jumps 3 times. That way we need to be able to think really quickly in order to be in the direction of the enemy’s attack. It would be better if they were accompanied by additional locker heroes like Saber or Chou.

2. Relatively long cooldown

All of Khufra’s active skills have a relatively long cooldown, so we need to use them carefully. We need to save our active skills for spontaneous team fights. Additionally, Khufra’s ultimate has a very long cooldown.

However, we can minimize this weakness by purchasing items to reduce the cooldown. We can buy oracle, domination ice or thunder belt items to reduce the cooldown.

Khufra’s passive activates every 12 seconds, but is reduced for 4 seconds when we use an active skill. So we have to be smart about maximizing passive abilities as well.

That’s the discussion on this time Khufra’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends . Don’t waste your battle points buying this hero if it doesn’t suit your play style unless you are the sultan. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. Thanks very much.

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