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Title: Don’t give up, comeback is real! on cell phone legends
link: Don’t give up, comeback is real! on cell phone legends

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Don’t give up, comeback is real! on cell phone legends

Do not lose hope! Comeback is REAL !!!!

Winning is everyone’s goal, who wants to lose? But what if you are already left behind and want to change things? Here are five tips on how to make a Mobile Legends comeback so your stars don’t go away.

Mobile Legends making a comeback is actually not an easy thing to do, plus you have to rack your brains to counter tactics and find ways to deal with each opponent’s heroes, the biggest problem being the mental problems of teammates who may be out of shape .

But with the right mental push and the right tactics, a comeback is tough, but not impossible. However, most of these methods can only really be used when playing with close friends or clans who often play together.

This method is slightly less likely to use this method if you are playing solo, although it can be used, but it is unlikely to work.



Mobile legends make a comeback

Whether or not you can make a comeback is an important point if you are playing as a core hero, if you died two or three times early in the game, you should play more carefully.

Do not play alone, read the situation through the minimap if possible, ask your tank or support to accompany you on the farm. This is to keep your team from falling too far behind and to allow you to complete the equipment to put up resistance.

You can also emphasize this to other team members, if you lag, don’t feed the opposing team as this will make your opponent far superior. Properly convey to your teammates that you need time to fight back.

So avoid feeding as much as possible until you, as the main hero, can fend off attacks by the opposing team.


Game counter

Mobile legends

It’s no secret that if your position is behind, your team cannot invite other teams to war. You can only pick up the heroes of the opposing team individually.

So if you play it smartly, how do you do it? That said, by playing counter, you are not trying to advance on your own just to get a kill, even more so if you are playing as the main core or main damage agent of the team.

Wait for the opposing team to attack your base, play under your own tower as much as you can, if the opportunity presents itself, immediately hit the opposing team, which may panic for holding onto tower damage, which is quite painful .


Kidnap enemy heroes

Mobile legends make a comeback

The second smart way to play when your team falls behind is to kidnap the hero of the opponent who you believe has the most dangerous potential. Kidnap the enemy’s assassin or initiator tank so that the enemy inevitably waits for the hero to reappear and launch an attack.

During this time, you can choose to take a target like a tower or a lord (although taking a lord is quite dangerous as it can be hit by a counter counter) or give your damage dealer more space and time to to farm again to get stronger.

This can also result in the opponent pulling back for a while rather than pushing too much towards your base.


Accompany your core

Mobile legends make a comeback

If your core is always being hijacked and it is never safe to farm, always accompany your core. An example of such a situation is that your core is farming, if the scenario occurs at point three, the opponent is temporarily withdrawing because one of their important heroes dies.

Then your core automatically has the instinct to do extra farming, right? But that doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent safe to farm alone in lane if your opponent has chosen to retreat.

Your core could be hijacked and it actually becomes a disaster for the team, so join your core as it farms so you have a better chance of survival if you get ganked.


Glue together

Mobile legends make a comeback

It’s the hardest part for grandmasters and below to play Mobile Legends, they always try to play alone and when they get killed they always blame their support even though their hero is in Bekasi while their support hero is on earth . which is quite a distance for someone that support can cover directly.

So try to always do five or four pushes once your core hero has started building.

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