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Title: Different formations in Mobile Legends
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Different formations in Mobile Legends

As a MOBA game, Mobile Legends certainly has its own strategy that you can use to defeat your enemies.

The strategies used can vary from Lineup, ganking, Timing to get the Turtle and Lord.

But there are also those that have a strong indirect influence on the course of the game, namely the formation! The placement of the heroes in the lane determines the course of the game at the beginning of the game.


Classic 2-1-2 formation

Mobile legends

Source: Facebook.com/MLMemesandShitposting

Also known as the Wiro Sableng formation. This is a classic formation in Mobile Legends and is very often practiced at all ranks in the game.

This formation prioritizes the balance in the line above and bottom a team with help from the middle, that must wandering at any time.

Usually both tanks or support have to be ready to help roadway or done buffs.


Formation 2-1-2 ganking

Mobile legends

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In this case the opposite of Wiro Sableng’s founding. here center is always either from support / tanks or fighter / mage / assassin in the roadway back and forth.

Your job is to turn it off center of enemies until they no longer intend to play, or at least near the tower.

bush is the most unsafe place for them, forcing enemy support to turn closely bush in center.


1-3-1 education

Mobile legends

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Well, this one is similar to a 2-1-2 formation. The difference is that the support does not have to last here above same bottom and only wandering to find an edge in the print on the line.

Both supports / tanks must guard center and exerts enormous pressure on the enemy, thereby forcing the rotation of the prop.

Almost all Mythic and Legend players use this formation as it effectively brings the enemy’s economy to a standstill at the start of the game.


Education 1-2-2 dominance

Mobile legends

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This is a complex formation as it requires a great deal of cooperation between players. This formation is typically used by high level MPL and Mythic players.

Here Marksman or Fighter play alone in top lane with a little help from support center.

Movement of players in center and bottom also freer, because you don’t have to move too often above and can control the enemy’s forest.

In addition, the possibility of killing the enemy at the beginning of the game is also pretty great because he can do it roam free.


0-5-0. List

Mobile legends

Source: Facebook.com/MLMemesandShitposting

This one is for those with big eggs. With line-up fully Support or tanks and try to finish the game asap.

Never try to rank a yes!

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