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Devotion game mocks Chinese presidents with dire consequences on Steam

Devotion game mocks Chinese presidents with dire consequences on Steam

Memes containing ridicule of the Chinese president spread, blasphemy for the developer of the horror genre devotion game immediately spread from China.

This horror game from developer Red Candle Gamers is said to have contained a meme in which the Chinese president mocked the game. Whether or not there will be regrets from the game developer is not known what the developer’s intent was.

The controversy began when a player in the Devotion game found an Easter egg with a secret message that was received in the form of a poster in the Devotion game. the message contained the mockery of Xi Jinping, the character of the Chinese president.

The Easter egg is already in the game itself. At the beginning of the development phase, all members of Red Candle Games always use sensitive words as a form of art material. Each member has their own responsibilities and no one is aware of this matter until receiving a report from a player.

Two days after the game launched, this information immediately spread and was heard by Steam users in China. As a result, the positive reviews of this Devotion game turned into negative reviews from Chinese Steam users.

After the incident, developer Red Candle Games immediately responded with an apology, stating that it was not intended and that they had no hateful intent or wanted to cause harm. Their project management wasn’t working as expected either, and they also admitted that their company had to learn more to get better.

Surrender and even then officially revoked by Steam, however, Red Candle Games is obliged to pay for all losses suffered in accordance with the existing agreement. Two independent publishers and Winking Skywalker have terminated their contracts with them with immediate effect. Compensation must also be paid by Red Candle Games in accordance with the agreement made by their party.

Red Candle will also take a break and focus their game so that nothing like that happens again.

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