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Devil May Cry 5 is coming soon through demo

Capcom officially releases Devil May Cry 5 public demo

The Devil May Cry 5 demo was released on February 8th by Capcom, dedicated to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Capcom didn’t give enough time to demo Devil May Cry 5, the time reported was only around 20-30 minutes.

In the GamePlay demo there are no changes in the game Devil May Cry, all core elements of Devil May Cry, the combo maker, can still be felt.

Devil May Cry is known for its combo attacking games.

In Devil May Cry 5 there is an additional mechanic in the gameplay, namely the Devil Breaker feature.

The Devil Breaker feature is very unique. The Devil Breaker is a replacement for Nero’s Devil Bringer from Devil May Cry 4. In other words, Devil Breaker is a prosthetic hand after taking Nero’s Devil Bringer. There are 8 types of Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5. Each Devil Breaker has a different skill. When this ability is exhausted, the Devil Breaker disappears or is separated from Neo’s hands.

The Devil Breaker can be refilled in the shop or purchased during the game.

Combos generated by Devil Breaker are more varied when combined with attacks from Nero’s sword and weapon. Nero’s combo hasn’t changed much from the previous Devil May Cry 4 series, however.

At the end of the demo, an experiment on how to deal with a giant boss named Goliath is also given. The gameplay when fighting the boss is also not that different from the previous Devil May Cry series, where we have to dodge multiple attacks by the boss before attacking.

According to rumors, Devil May Cry 5 will officially be released on March 8, 2021 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms via Steam.

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