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Deadly Blade, Alucard, Ruby and Alpha Exterminator in Mobile Legends

Items are a must have in any MOBA genre game, including Mobile Legends. With the item, the heroes we use can have an optimal status, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is Deadly Blade. This deadly blade is an attacking object often used by marksmen or combat heroes. This item is usually used against heroes who have a very large life steal, like Ruby and Alucard.

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss more about the items from Deadly Blade Mobile Legends. What is the main function of this item and who is the appropriate hero for this item. Let’s take a look at the following discussion.

Base status

+65 physical attack: Item deadly blade gives us +65 physical attack. It’s pretty big guys, even bigger than Malefic Roar. But remember that the main function of Deadly Blade is not its basic state.

+ 20% attack speed: The attack speed status of the Deadly Blade item is pretty big too, folks, so it’s good to increase our attack speed.

Passive: deprivation of life

Tutorial Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends
Deadly Blade Mobile Legends

Our base attack will be reduces the HP regeneration effect for 3 seconds by 50%.

So the real function of this Deadly Blade item is to reduce the effect of HP regeneration, including life stealing. The 50% regeneration effect reduction is very big folks. Opponents only gain 50% life steal.

Of course folks, reducing HP regeneration by 50% will help us win teamfights. Very suitable against Alucard or Ruby.

Deadly Blade’s passive is only activated when in use Basic attack. To see if Deadly’s passive is active or not we can look at the sign “broken heart” over the head of the enemy. This means that the enemy’s HP regeneration is reduced by 50%.

The passivity of this deadly blade item ends 3 seconds after we give the enemy the last normal attack. So if we stop attacking the enemy with a basic attack, 3 seconds later the passive will stop.

However, if you continue to attack the target with normal attacks without stopping, the enemy will still be passively affected by the Deadly Blade item. Your regeneration effect remains at 50%. See Also: Completely Peel Off The Function Of Footwear Items In Mobile Legends

Will it work for Spell Vamp?

Tutorial Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends
Bloodlust Ax Mobile Legends

It turns out that Deadly Blade’s passive doesn’t work for Magic Vamp. However, Alice’s 3rd Skill and 2nd Sills Alpha can be reduced with Deadly Blade, since both skills are counted as “HP Regeneration” and not as a magic vamp. What doesn’t work is the magic vampire effect of the items they use, such as: B. Bloodlust Ax, Concentrated Energy, and Ice Queen wand.

Ruby skills also count as HP regeneration, not as a spell vampire. So we can counter with Deadly Blade items. You know how high Ruby’s HP regeneration is when she uses her abilities.

So we can use this deadly blade to counter Ruby with a high HP regeneration effect. This also includes the fight against Alucard, which has a very high life steal.

For whom is it suitable?

This deadly blade item is very effective when used by archery heroes. Since their firing range is greater, the range can hit the target, reducing its HP regeneration effect. Most likely, if this item is used by shooters, we can win a team fight.

However, this deadly blade item can also be used by melee heroes such as combatants. Especially when we have to go on one with Alucard, who is known for having a very high life steal.

Hero regeneration HP

Tutorial Item Deadly Blade Mobile Legends
Moscow Mobile Legends

Many of the heroes in Mobile Legends have the ability to regenerate HP, for example Estes with Ability 1 and 3, then Rafaela with Ability 1, then Angela with her passive ability. In addition, her role is hero support, so she is desperately needed.

Alpha also has a very high HP regeneration with both skills, as well as Alucard and Ruby. Thamuz has a pretty big HP regeneration too. In the tank reel there is Minotaur and Uranus, which have a large HP regeneration. And if there is Alice in the magician.


So this item of the deadly blade is very suitable for fighting heroes who have a very large HP regeneration. Including heroes with high life theft like Alucard, Ruby, Roger and Moskov.

With this item, the lifesteal effect that works for them is only half, so it will help us in the team fight. But the deadly blade passive won’t work for wizard vampires.

This time, that’s the discussion about the Deadly Blade Mobile Legends item. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. Thanks very much.

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