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Cute, Honkai Impact 3rd v5.1 presents a cute pink valkyrie!

game Action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd produced by global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo, released v5.1 [Dunia Tanpa Cela] on Thursday (16.09.) later!

In the mentioned edition, “A flawless world” which will be published this Thursday (16.09.), there is the Valkyrie a new one that will expand your Hyperion crowd!

Update v5.1, welcome song Miss Pink Elf!

Elysia, Miss Pink Elf cute, also the first DPS character to use a bow in Honkai Impact 3 will come to Hyperion as a unit Combat suit Valkyrie straight on S! New bow weapon “Whisper of the past“and a new stigmata set”Untouched elf“Will also be available, exclusively in this 5.1 version.

After the v5.1 update, NawaReader can use character cards and fragments of “Miss Pink Elf with Ancient heritage and Ancient willpower in War chest.

Likewise with some of the new entities that are about to enter List of the Elysian Empire later. Among them is that Light knight: Excelsis, Luna relatives and Fulminata striker.

New bow weapon “Whisper of the past“and its PRI-ARM form”,Whispers of the past: sonnet“, As well as the new stigmata [Elysia (T, M, B)] is also released. Apart from this, Starchasm Nyx finally got Magical girl outfit for the first time alone!

Elysia, the mysterious elf girl of the Flame Hunter faction!

Elysia herself once wrote about miHoYo. spoken two weeks earlier in terms of design and mechanics Style of play-which focuses on ranged attacks.

In v5.1 [Dunia Tanpa Cela], Elysia, the second leader in Flame-Chaser, will be a playable character. Despite her elegant and charming appearance, she always keeps her distance and has a mysterious aura.

Elysia’s common attack and QTE remain in combat Crystalline seed to the enemy, let the enemy accept damage greater than Elysia’s attack.

Elysia has a measuring device Infatuation which is filled over time and can be used by Charged shot: Cupid’s bolt shoot lots of arrows. When attack Cupid’s bolt in relation to the enemy who has Crystalline seedthen it will explode and detonate too Crystalline seed near. This thing creates a chain of explosions that lead to damage big on the enemy.

ultimate elysia

The kiss he gave at the start Ultimate graceful but deadly. Elysia’s ultimate attack will produce an effect Immaculate dome on the ceiling and arrows Cupid’s bolt will ricochet many times to inflict sustained DMG on enemy.

Stay tuned for new stories and Repeat event, in version 5.1!

Chapter 25 interlude

In Honkai Impact 3. v5.1, more stories and prizes await the captain. Story Chapter XXV-EX marks the beginning of a new and realigned story about fate.

The Sanka Saga event you’ve been waiting for has returned for the players too. This event explores the exciting history of Kallen Kaslana’s and Yae’s interactions, and there will be many prizes to be won later. Last but not least, the LITE sessions, which have always been popular with gamers, will also be permanently available!

v5.1 [Dunia Tanpa Cela] will be officially released on Thursday (September 16) for iOS, Android and PC. do not miss Miss Pink Elf sweet and charming, box New events, new events and lots of prizes!

Above Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3. is a game plot role playing game three-dimensional from miHoYo. success Honkai impact in the realm of the game Cell phone, mobile phone became the basis for the creation of the Chinese developer Genshin impactwhat was successful mainstream.

Honkai Impact 3. in the modern world, opposite a spiritual power called honkai generate various phenomena that threaten human life.

To counteract this power, women who have the anti-Honkai genome are trained to become Valkyries. You will act as the captain who can control these Valkyries in battle.

Currently the game is still in v5.0, which brings a new unit for Kiana Kaslana, namely Ruler of Flamescion.

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