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Title: Create Guinevere Mobile Legends
Link: Create Guinevere Mobile Legends

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Create Guinevere Mobile Legends

hero fighter at once magician first Mobile legends It turned out that Guinevere caught the attention of many players. Don’t just rely on Skills from near and far this one hero also produces magical damage from Basic attack like Harley and no need Where. Not to mention if it’s already equipped Products Guinevere becomes even more sadistic in the following people! Curious about something? Hear build Guinevere the following.

Arcane boots

Source: In-game screenshot
As a hero magician unnecessary Where, Arcane Boots is definitely the best choice for Guinevere. Magic penetration what is given Products this enables Guinvere to be produced damage higher against enemy heroes. However, you can replace it with Fast boots for extra Attack speedbut not recommended.

Disaster Reaper

Source: In-game screenshot
After so Item Movement in the beginning, hero magician if you like to play during this time, you have to buy the Calamity Reaper as your main weapon in order to make it damage.
Don’t just give magical damage and Cooldown reduction, Products this too give extra damage from Basic attack after using Skills. Of course, this effect is perfectly in sync with Skills who owns cooling down short.

Concentrated energy

Source: In-game screenshot
You already have passive HP regeneration, but it is still missing? Concentrated energy is definitely the solution. Recall Basic attack hers is similar to Harley, that is to produce magical damage, Concentrated energy makes Guinevere able to heal HP even with capital Basic attack only!
But you still have to use it Skills if you want to restore HP faster than Basic attack only.

Berserker’s rage

Source: In-game screenshot
From all magic items, Why is there physical items attack? As previously informed, all types of Basic attack can produce critical, Well physicallyYet magical. It means, Basic attack can produce from Guinevere critical and do Berserker’s rage so Products compulsory for him.
Even if you don’t add damage direct to basic magic attack his, critical opportunity and critical damageit can make a hero Non-tank the enemy leaks out at once.

Feather of heaven

Source: In-game screenshot
When you talk about gaming Basic attack and magical damage, Feather of Heaven is always the best choice. Products that has a simple effect, that is 40 percent Attack strength converts to magical attack to each Basic attack.
But in addition Speed ​​of movement and Attack speedit can prevent Guinevere from losing, even if she has to fight the hero physically how Alucard or Zilong.


Source: In-game screenshot
Products The last thing to buy is immortality considering he’s a melee hero. In actual combat, Guinevere is a hero who shouldn’t be afraid of dying as he has two roles; to produce damage be at the same time initiator in times of urgency. In times of need, Immortality could help him run Skillsthem after death.
Source: In-game screenshot
But if you need extra damage, Blood wing can also Products last time for Guinevere, but it’s pretty risky to get started late Games.

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