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Core Mobile Legends? Here is the answer!

Android31 – In the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, many players use terms that only the players in the game understand. This is what happens in the Mobile Legends game as well, many players use terms to make it easier to communicate while playing, and what we hear most often is “Core”.

This time around, Android31 is going to discuss what the term core is in the Mobile Legends game, considering there are still a lot of gamers out there who don’t understand the meaning of this term.

What is “core” in Mobile Legends?

Core is a term used to define a role hero who will be the core of the team, of course a core must have strong skills and great potential to carry. Core is a commonly used term in Mobile Legends games, but don’t be surprised if you run into players who say “jungler” in other MOBA games.

Jungler is a term that is widely used by most MOBA players. The meaning of this term is almost the same as Core in Mobile Legends.

A “core” must lead the team to victory, so a core must farm from early game to mid-game. This is the same as when someone uses the “Hyper Carry” tactic, which is a tactic used to quickly win a Mobile Legends match.

Heroes of the Sagittarius or Assassin types are usually often used to become Cores in a game, as these two types have tremendous potential to lead the team to victory.

Task “Core” in Mobile Legends

Do ganking

Ganking is something that has to be done by a core. You can use ganking to help friends who get into trouble when facing enemies.

When you do ganking, not only do you help your friends face the enemy, but you also get a lot of gold and can destroy the opponent’s tower if your timing as a core is very good.

Achieve many goals

Continuing the previous task, a core must accomplish many goals like Turret, Turtle, and Lord.

Eliminating the turtle will give you and your team a lot of gold and a very great experience. This way your team will get a much better level than the level of the opposing team.

Heroes recommendations to become a “core” in Mobile Legends


Ling is a very capable and strong Assassin type hero in Mobile Legends. This hero is very agile and can inflict significant damage on his opponents.

In the current META Mobile Legends, Ling is an Assassin-Type hero who is practically perfect for becoming a Core. Because it farms quickly and can roam and gank easily. This is thanks to Ling’s ability to Finch Poise.

Yi Sun-Shin

The Sagittarius type has Yi Sun-Shin, which is perfect for you if you want to become a core in Mobile Legends. Almost like Ling, Yi Sun-Shin is able to farm quickly and gank perfectly against enemies.

The last word

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