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Confidential! How to top up the Diamond ML Permanent Skin Bonus – Rarely known, this is the permanent skin event for Mobile Legends Diamond Charging. There are Kagura and Claude special skins, you know!

As the most crowded game in Southeast Asia, Mobile Legends often offers very interesting events! Such as free skin events, top-up bonuses, Crystal of Aurora subscriptions, and much more.

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One of the events that caught my attention and is worth attending is the Lucky Hit event. This event is a top-up event where the price to be paid is much cheaper and the prices are very plentiful.

Through this event you will receive a total of 550 diamonds, 10 rare fragments, 100 aurora crystals and of course a permanent skin. Gifts galore at much cheaper prices.

Where does this event take place?

Although this event looks very interesting, not many people are aware of this event. Therefore, Mimin provides a tutorial here on how to top up the cheapest ml diamond with a free skin bonus.

How to top up the permanent ML skin bonus

Summer lucky strike

First, open the Mobile Legends game and then go to the Events tab on the left bar. Then select menu Summer hit and make a top-up worth 15 thousand rupiah.

Make sure you only charge in the in-game and via the menu that I circled in the picture. For this event it is not allowed to top up from third parties like Codashop or Unipin.

Fill up ml cheaply

Make sure you top up directly through in-game (in-game) either through credit or Google Play. Make sure you don’t close the Mobile Legends game, okay?

permanent skin bonus

Upon successful payment, you will receive a prize of 55 diamonds, 10 aurora crystals and 1 rare fragment. Do this for 10 days for 10 days (1 day maximum 1 time) to get permanent skin for free.

In total, the top-up fee you will need is 150,000 rupiah. But it’s still very worth it because you can get 550 diamonds, 10 rare fragments, 100 aurora crystals and a permanent skin.

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