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Complete Guide to Playing Doraemon Season Game History - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Full Guide on How to Play Story Of Season Doraemon – Wonderful as a farm simulation game developer Story Of Season seriesIt has been a long time since this game was introduced through promotions in various advertising media, and it seems to have succeeded in delighting die-hard fans of the agricultural simulation genre.

Because the recently released game Story Of Season Doraemon has been downloaded by millions of people via the Steam platform. Not to mention the additional game purchases for the Nintendo Switch platform. Perhaps this is a leading indicator of the success of the latest Story Of Seasons franchise.

As it stands, this game is really worth playing, the admin dares to say because all the time Fabulous always fails to spoil its fans, especially lovers Harvest moon the first series that has now changed its skin to History of the Seasons series.

Oh yes, the Story Of Seasons Doraemon game is the umpteenth series in the Story Of Season Series simulation game, and this is the latest series released through the platform. Nintendo switch and PCs (steam).

Story Of Season Doraemon Walkthrough
Story of the Doraemon season

Those who are still confused why is Doraemon there?

Well, this game is indeed the result of the collaboration between Marvelous as the developer of the Story of Seasons Series game and the Doraemon animation series.

A little overview of this game, just like in the previous Story Of Season game series where you act as Nobita and take care of all the farm chores such as gardening, ranching, fishing, socializing with townspeople, etc.

Well, then why did Nobi and his friends find the icing on the cake in the game ?, From the plot, Nobita and his friends were accidentally sucked into a whirlwind of space and time when they accidentally planted tree seeds and took them to another dimension, to a place where her life has changed 180 degrees.

How to play the game story of the Doraemon Indonesia season

This time the Playgames-id admin will provide additional tips, guides / guides which we hope can help you while playing the Story Of Seasons Doraemon game. Walkthrough Doraemon Story of Season Indonesia.

Spring day 3

After the long introduction, go outside and make sure you plant the radish seeds that you have. Leave some space in your backpack and head to the general store.

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Buy two items that cost 0 gold coins, buy a pack of seeds, and speak to Jemma a few times.

He will give you 20 radish seeds, 20 cabbage seeds, 20 potato seeds, and 20 strawberry seeds.

The next item is special delivery. Buy it to trigger a cutscene and you’ll be back in front of your house with Doraemon.

Talk to him twice to receive 5 Fatigue Froggers and 5 Gro-Quik Powders.

You will run out of stamina or time before you can plant all of the seeds you just got.

The administrator recommends planting strawberry seeds because it takes the longest to harvest. Do a little clean up on the farm and go to sleep.

Spring day 4

After watering the plants, explore the map and visit the mines in Swoosh Falls.

After entering you trigger a cutscene and get Pickaxe, but you have to talk to Blake to get it.

Make sure, that leave a little Space in your inventory.

Spring day 5

Sandy will visit you in the morning and he will give you a line and teach you the basics of fishing.

The fish you can catch vary depending on the weather and time of day. The more fish you catch in a given location, the harder it will be to catch fish.

It will be harder to roll the fish. Stop by the store, get the Old Rod, and try your hand at fishing.

Additional tips and tricks

The first thing to buy is Bug Net on the general store. Save the gold to get a bigger backpack when the first harvest arrives.

I suggest that you update the main tools first to start earning gold early in the game. it is Watering can and pickaxe.

Doraemon’s Favorite Item List Story of Seasons Guide Indonesia

  • Harmon and the monkey like potato.
  • Helen likes strawberry.
  • Aries loves cooked carp.
  • Rem and the rabbit like dandelions.
  • Blake likes cucumber
  • Mark likes cauliflower.
  • Jemma and Sue like P. Daisy
  • Vera and the rabbit like cabbage.

Daily Routine Guide to Getting Easy Gold

1. Agriculture

Don’t overdo it with plants. Planting too much can make your routine completely difficult. Watering plants takes a long time and takes stamina. Planting more seeds than you can process can be a waste of time and resources.

2. Foraging for food

Gathering or gathering materials in nature is one of the easiest ways to get hold of gold. You can hike through mountains, waterfalls, and beaches and pick up items there. Don’t forget to leave an empty space in your backpack before you start looking for food as you never know what you might find along the way.

3. Mining

Mining is tiring but this is the best way to make money but it can also make you tired easily, there is a trick to overcome this, when Nobita gets tired you leave the mine and press ESC (PC) and lets Nobita sleep a little later, his stamina increases again.

During the mining, you can find fossils and other items. Don’t hesitate to sell this as it is not uncommon.

4. Fishing

If your stamina is exhausted, go fishing until midnight, if there is nothing to do, try many places like beaches, headlands, rivers, lakes, the fish can be stored for cooking or selling.

Fishing and catching insects won’t use up your energy at all, so this activity is a brilliant idea for getting extra gold without exhausting Nobita.

From now on, the first routine for playing a good Story Of Season Doraemon game is watering the plants, cleaning the farm, going into the mines, talking to everyone, and starting fishing when Nobita takes the Running out of stamina.

This way, you can easily get gold and upgrade your equipment as soon as possible and also strengthen friendship with the townspeople.

At some point you will start triggering events and receiving surprise gifts from the townspeople once you reach the townspeople friendship level.

Tips Doraemon Story of Seasons Indonesia

  1. There is no need to buy bait for fishing from the NPC as you can get it (By Fishing) for free at Lake Dranch.
  2. You don’t have to waste energy / stamina on sickles mowing grass, just pick it up.
  3. Sometimes you can find wood and stones on the coast of Zazan Beach. Collect these materials to upgrade buildings later.
  4. If you run out of energy while cutting the tree, it is okay to continue tomorrow as the progress has been saved without starting over.
  5. You can permanently increase your +5 stamina by buying a Regis drink at Regis’s Clinic.
  6. Just save honey and junk, you’ll need it later.
  7. The recipes in the restaurant change according to the season, so it is highly recommended that you buy each recipe before the season changes.

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