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Comparison of SCAR-L with AKM PUBG Mobile

Comparison of SCAR-L with AKM PUBG Mobile

Two assault rifle weapons with different strengths, which is better?

Since there are many different weapon users here, StickAir will offer a weapon comparison between SCAR-L and AKM.

SCAR-L Wind Powered Weapon, US military weapon.

This SCAR-L weapon is one of the most important weapons used by the US armed forces. This weapon has a normal rate of fire and low recoil, so this weapon is considered very easy to use, and whether you are a beginner or experienced in PUBG gaming, there is nothing wrong with using this weapon.

There’s a full-auto mode with scope x4 and it has a long full-off damage drinking distance so it can be used to tap enemies remotely.

The weakness of the SCAR-L is that the projectile speed of this weapon is quite slow, single-tap shots from a distance of 200 meters and more must be estimated in advance.

The damage done by SCAR-L is also the same as that of the M416 weapon.

This weapon is said to be a very balanced weapon,

AKM, weapon with great damage.

AKM weapons still have almost the same characteristics as other FPS games, namely high recoil and high damage.

This weapon has another weakness, namely the rate of fire is so slow and only 3 attachments can be built into this weapon.

However, this weapon is very powerful when used by reliable and experienced players who use this weapon. Their recoil and rate of fire will not affect them at a combat range of around 100-150 meters. Because of the damage it generates, it is quite large.
Adding the right scope turns the AKM into a brutal weapon.

However, this weapon is less flexible as there are very few uses and there aren’t many attachments to cover the recoil of this weapon.

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What about comparison results?

From the discussion above, we assume that the SCAR-L weapon is more suitable. Because the SCAR-L weapon can be used in many situations. The SCAR-L weapon can be used as a main weapon or a secondary weapon.

AKM weapons are in no way inferior to SCAR-L, AKM weapons can be used for certain situations. Because of the great damage caused by AKM weapons, close and medium-range fights are also suitable for this weapon. But you need to be in control of your shots due to the recoil of this weapon.

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