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Collection of different recipes in Game LifeAfter - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

CookingredientseffectMushrooms honeyMushrooms and honeyIncrease the critical chance when collectingspaghettiMeat, vegetables, fruits and flourcritical chance increasesMushroom skewersMeat and mushroomsincrease critical chanceMince pieMeat and flourIncrease damage to humanoid enemiesMeatballsmeat and vegetablesIncrease damage to zombiesGrilled Napoleon fishNapoleon fish, fruits, vegetables and meatIncrease the mining speed and cut treesGrilled ribbon fishfruits, vegetables, meat and fish bandfishIncrease tree cutting speedGrilled squidSquid / squid, fruits, vegetables and meatAdd blood or HPFried butter tricholomaTricholomaAdd blood or HPStrawberry muffinsStrawberry and flour??Meat platterMeat, vegetables and fruits??Lobster dinnerLobster meat, vegetables and fruitsIncrease blood to the maximum levelKoi sashimiKoi fish (only available in the forest zone * rare fish), fruit, vegetables and meatincrease all stats to the maximum and can be sold as gold bars to NPCs?Muffled cancerCrabs, fruits and vegetablesIncrease blood and satietyBraised river farmerFarmers, vegetables and fruitsAdd blood or HPMushroom udon noodlesMushrooms and flourIncrease mining speedHoney croissantsHoney and flourIncrease tree cutting speedMilky croissantsMilk and flourIncrease tree cutting speedsandwichVegetables and flourIncreases the critical chance when cutting down treesStrawberry jellyMilk, ice cubes and strawberryRestore body temperature, increase body speed and critical chanceBeet pulpVegetables and honeyNeutralizes the effects of coldHot milkmilkIncrease HP and remove the cold effectHot waterIce cubesBring body temperature back to normalBeeswax waterHoney and ice cubesBring body temperature back to normalFried fish cakeFish and flourIncrease body speedFish ball noodlesFish, flour and vegetablesIncrease Health or HPFish stew soupFish and ice cubesEliminates the effects of cold and restores body temperatureVegetable fish ball soupFish and fruitIncrease breathing to the maximum levelGrilled humpback wrasseHumpback wrasse fish, meat, vegetables and fruitsIncrease the mining speed and cut treesGrilled turbotTurbot fish, meat, vegetables and fruitsIncrease mining speedGrilled grouperGrouper, vegetable and fruit meatIncrease collection speedGrilled salmonSalmon, meat, fruits and vegetablesIncreases critical strike chance and bonus items when collecting hempDiet stewMilk, flour and meatReduce damage caused by animals and living beings in the forestMeat skewersMeat and fruitIncreases damage to animals and creatures in the forestPortuguese pancakeFlour, milk and honeyIncreases the critical chance when miningfruit juiceFruit and ice cubesfed up and quench thirstFried pumpkinPumpkin, flour, milkfullyCanned fruitFruit and honeyfullySnacksFlour and fruitfullyDifferent platesFruits, vegetables, meat and mushroomsAdds critical hits when chopping down trees and mining stonesGrilled Large Yellow Croakedyellow fish, meat, fruits and vegetablesincreases blood and relieves fatigueGrilled big head hairtailBig head hairtail fish, meat, vegetables and fruitsIncrease tree cutting speedGilded silver carpSilver Varp fish, meat, vegetables and fruitsIncrease breathing to the maximum levelGrilled tilapiaTilapia fish, meat, fruits and vegetablesIncrease the mining speed and the chance of getting bonus mineralsFruit milkFruit and milkFullyFried mushroomsMouldfullyStrawberry muffinsStrawberry and flourAdd HPgrilled meatmeatfull and increase the bloodGrilled carpCarp fish, fruits, vegetables and meatadd blood and increase the speed of collecting plants (collecting)Strawberry yogurt ice creamHoney, milk, ice cubes and strawberryIncrease body speedCarrot pattiesMeat and carrotsfull and increase the bloodMilk stewMeat and milkadd damage to zombiesGrilled Sinipercha ChuatsiChuatsi Sinipercha fish, meat, fruits and vegetablesfullyGrilled puffer fishPuffer fish, fruits, vegetables and meatfullyFried grass carpGrass carp fish, fruits, vegetables and meatIncrease the tree felling speed and increase the HP bonus, fullGrilled catfishCatfish, fruits, vegetables and meatIncrease mining speed, increase HP bonus and get full effectToast (toast)flourfullySteamed vegetablesvegetablesfullyJam (fruit jam)fruitfullyBaked parrot fishMeat, parrot fish, vegetables and fruitsfullyEnjoy the mealMeat, vegetables and mushroomsRestore HPHoney BBQMeat and honeyRestore HPFruit ice cream bar (fruit ice cream)Fruit and ice cubeslower body temperaturefruitcakeFruit, flour, honey and milkIncrease body speedToffee (candy)Honey and milkIncrease body speedPasta with meat sauceMeat, flour, vegetables and fruitsIncrease critical hit chanceSpecial pizzaMeat, mushrooms, vegetables and flourIncrease damage to buildingsFruit smoothiesFruit, ice cream and honeylower body temperatureMilk puddingMilk, honey and ice cubesLower body temperatureCream soupMeat, fruit, milkIncrease body temperatureDumplingsFlour, mushrooms and meatIncrease body temperatureBlueberry cookiesBlueberries and flourIncrease tree cutting speedRaspberry and Raspberry Cheeca1 milk, 1 flour (flour), 1 strawberry, 1 blueberryHP Add continuouslyOther soupMushroom 4xremove cold debuffsweetheart Honey x4Add HPMushroom soupMushrooms and milkAdd HP

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