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Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter

Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 3 LifeAfter

Newbie Quests Chapter 3 New Journey is unlocked after completing Newbie Quests Chapter 2.

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LifeAfter Chapter 3 Manor Strengthen

• Quests 1.) Reach all skills level 10.

In this quest you will need to find your character’s skill level, e.g.

Quests 2.) Manor Level 3 improve

To upgrade Manor Level 3, you will need some materials to upgrade the Manor, such as wooden boards, bricks, and cast iron.

You can get wood plank by making it from bench material> craft> workable.

You can also get brick by making it on the material bank. The materials needed to make bricks are stones, bones and lime.

Stones can be obtained by crushing stones.

You can get bones from hunting wild animals or zombies.

You can get Pig Iron by making it on the Gear Workstation.

Quests 3.) Make cattle cages / stalls

To make a cattle shed, you can make it on the material bank. Livestock stalls are used to raise animals on your farm.

You can raise pigs, cows, sheep, etc. by buying them from dealers. You will get a Pig for completing Newbie Quests Chapter 2.

Quests 4.) Set up cattle shed and keep 1 pig

When your Livestock Pen is ready, take it out of the bench slot material you made earlier. After that, you can go to farmland. If there are still stones or bushes, you can remove them with gold bars. Once you are on farmland, click the build menu> back panel> cattle shed. Go to Cattle Shed> Increase.

Pig produces meat, cow produces milk.

Quests 5.) Meet Jessica, choose your professional certificate

If you still don’t have the camp, you can go to Hope City 101 and go to the trade office. This location is marked with an (i) on the minimap. Go upstairs and in one room you will find Jessica.

If you already have a camp, Jessica can be found at Camp Hall.

Talk to Jessica and there you will have the opportunity to choose your Professional Cert. 9 options that are given to you.

LifeAfter Chapter 3 New Area

Quests 1.) Make iron ax, pickaxe

At the bottom left of the screen, click the Make menu> select Iron Ax and Pickaxe> Craft. These two items are better than the ones you used before the Stone Ax and Stone Pickaxe. This means that you receive secondary materials faster than before.

Quests 2.) Visit Sandburg

Sandcastle is another location besides Farstar City, Autumn Forest in the LifeAfter game. At SandCastle, you can get tin ore, wooden cores, hemp bast, hemp stalks, and other resources.

Please note that the level of difficulty in this zone is very high. There will be several soldiers who can kill you, high level zombies, jacka (desert beasts) and also robots.

But if you explore a little, you will find plenty of chests.

Quests 3.) Collect tin ore, resin, hemp stalk

You can get all of these materials in the SandCastle range.

You can get tin ore by crushing stones with an iron pickaxe.

You can get resin by cutting down trees with an iron ax.

Hemp strain is obtained by randomly collecting hemp in the sandcastle.

Quests 4.) Hunt 3 animals

Use the weapons you have and it’s time to hunt 3 animals. If you don’t find any animals try to visit the riverside, you will find some wild animals there. Open your minimap and visit river towns.

Quests 5.) Opening chests

Sandburg has many chests scattered around this area. Open your minimap and find the castle area. There will be many abandoned houses full of zombies around the castle area. You can get chests from these houses.

Please note that you are not allowed to enter the castle. If you enter the castle, the soldiers will kill you.

LifeAfter Chapter 3 Upgrade Weapons

Quests 1.) Improve level 2

To make this level 2 improvement you will need several materials, namely cement, brick, and wooden boards. Where to make these three materials through the material bank.

Quests 2.) Build a wine cabinet

To make a Wince Cabinet you can use Material Bench to make it> Furniture.

Quests 3.) Manufacture of plastic, cast iron

To make plastic, you need several materials, namely resin, potassium nitrate, cloth, and hemp crotch.

Where resin comes from when you cut trees at SandCastle.

Fabric you can get is the stuff you need, rag + hemp bast.

Hemp step that you can get by collecting hemp in sand castles.

To make iron castings, you will also need some materials, namely tin ore, iron ore, and wood core.

You can get tin ore by crushing stones in Sancastle.

You can get iron ore by crushing rocks in the autumn forest.

You can get wood cores by cutting trees in Sanchastle.
For recording, you must use Iron Ax and Iron Pickaxe to get this material.

Quests 4.) Craft UZI weapons or compound bows.

Here you have quests to make a UZI weapon.

Quests 5.) Make an expedition expert or a police jacket

To make Expedition Expert you can use Equipment Workstation> Crafting> Armor.
To make a police jacket, make sure you have the formula open. If you haven’t found the Police Jacket formula, you can get it from Gacha Fusing Shards at the Formula Research Facility.

To make Expedition Expert, you need several materials, namely 9x fabric, 9x plastic, 10x fur.

To make a police jacket, you need several materials, namely 10x fabric, 10x plastic, 10x screw.

For screw materials, you can make cast iron, hemp seeds, sulfur and small twig

For iron casting, you need tin ore, iron ore, and wood core.
You can get hemp seeds by planting castor seeds in your field.
You can get sulfur by crushing the sandcastle stone
You can get Little Branch by planting OAK seeds in your field.

You can get OAK Seeds by completing Newbie Quests Chapter 3 New Area.

LifeAfter Chapter 3 Combat Upgrade

Quests 1.) Complete resource points in Sandcastle

Once you are at the SandCastle location, open your minimap and find the house icon. The house icon shows the location of the shelter. Go there and enter the shelter. There will be a quest board. Take the Quest Resort Points in Sandcastle. When you accept the quests, click on your minimap. The system will automatically search your card for resource points. The screen shows a yellow mark as target points and (i) mark as primary point. In quest objective point (i) you have to kill mercenaries. Use your UZI weapon to defeat them. After that, look for items on the soldier’s body. You have to hurry before another soldier comes to kill you. Keep your distance from these soldiers.

If you don’t kill the soldier. You can wait for war robots. Every now and then the war robots ambushed this group of mercenaries and killed them. If your target’s quest is killed, you can search their body.

Quests 2.) Defeat rebel mercenaries

Go to Sandcastle. Open your minimap and find the area for mercenary quests. Go there and you will find rebel mercenaries patrolling the abandoned area. Kill them with your UZI weapon or your other weapon.

Quests 3.) Defeat zombies

In Sandcastle, around the castle area, you will find many infected zombies. Kill 15 zombies with your gun.

Quests 4.) Complete the Miska University

In Miska University mode you have to ally yourself with other players or with your camp members. In this mode you will need to save multiple NPCs. Some of them are indoors, locked behind a bookcase, etc.

First you have to kill a couple of zombies, then you enter Miska University. Turn left at the Miska University location and enter the room. Here you have to kill the monsters in the room. Kill the elite monster and get the classroom key. Use the key to open the locked classroom and save the NPC. The classroom is at the monster’s location.

Then you light the barrel, then visit the next quest destination and save the NPCs. In the end, you will interact with a girl and leave Miska.

For the record, you will face loads of zombies. You should provide ammunition, food and also plenty of bandages.

Quests 5.) Defeat mystical creatures in the autumn forest

Mystical creatures will appear in both the autumn forest and the sand castle. In these quests you have to defeat the mystical creatures in the autumn forest.

First of all, you need to check if the mystical being has appeared or not? The trick is at the top of the screen, click daily and then find the event of the unknown creature (World Boss). If you are out in the autumn forest, visit the autumn forest, open your minimap> go to the Mystick creature point. There will be several players. Use your weapon to damage the monster. When the mystical creature dies, approach the carcass and claim your reward.

Life After Chapter 3 StrongHold

Quests 1.) Reaching all skills level 15

Quests 2.) Reach Manor Level 4

Quests 3.) Take part in the fortress battles

Go to the autumn forest, open the minimap and visit the battle site of the fortress. Navigate to the board and start the fight. Create a team or join another team. In this quest you bring the NPC to his destination. Kill the zombies and keep the NPC until it reaches its destination.

Quests 4.) Defeat Elite Infected

You can find this elite monster in the autumn forest. Open the minimap and visit the heavily infected area. It is recommended to form a team as this monster cannot be defeated alone. When you defeat the monster, go near the carcass and look for its corpse.

Quests 5.) Complete the Miska University mission

These are LifeAfter Newbie Quests Chapter 3 Walkthrough Tips. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them in this comment.

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