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Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter

Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter

After completing Newbie Quests Chapter 1, Newbie Quests Chapter 2 will be unlocked.

Previously we discussed Chapter 1 in our article Newbie Quests, now we will continue to discuss Chapter 2.

This time around, StickAir will be discussing Chapter 2 of the Newbie Quests. These newbie quests will give you some useful rewards. So our advice is that you complete newbie quests in the LifeAfter game.

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Chapter 2: “Survival Tips” LifeAfter

• Mansion upgrades

Upgrade the mansion to level 2

Manufacture of weapon boxes

To make a weapon chest you need a material bank, to get the material of the bank it was already discussed in chapter 1, if you have passed chapter 1 you will have a material bank for the time being.

Make a weapon chest from the supplies bank.

Open the farm

In the development zone at the foot of your house there is a field / farmland where you have a choice of plants when standing in the field area. Go there and clean up all that useless stuff.

After that, click on the Plant option, then use a berry seed or use any other seed you currently have. If you don’t have a seed, you can look for a seed from the wild.

• Manor introduction

Combination of various advanced gears and furniture formulas in the Fomula R&D station.

In these quests you combine formula fragments. You will receive the formula shards after completing the Wuests Upgrade Manor. Open the Newbie Quest menu and take the prize. Then you can check your mailbox. The prize will be sent to your mailbox.

If you don’t have a Formula R&D station, you can go to City Hall or Hope 101. Then select the Furniture Manufacturers Shop Menu> Furniture Manufacturers> Craft Formula Research Station.

After you have created a Formula R&D station, you can pick up the article via your mailbox.

Go to the Formula Research Station and select Usage> Formula Composition> Fusion I> Compose.

Add manor snapshot

Leave your house and find your manor board. Interact with the board, then choose the Message Board option> Add Snapshot.


You can buy limestone from NPCs at the furniture store in Hope 101 or Townhall. Look for the hammer icon on the minimap when you get into town.

Make Bricks & Improvement

To make Brick, you need Material Bench.

If you don’t have a material bank, you can make one in the town hall at the NPC furniture maker.

Use bench material to make bricks. Go to the Materials Bank, then click Editable> Make.

To make an improvement, click Formula List> Find Improvement> Create.


Click the Build menu when you are at home. Then select the enhancement menu and select the enhancement you made previously, point at the wall and finally click the check mark option to exit.

• Farstar City

For the record Farstar City is in a war zone. Here you have 2 options between peace mode or PVP mode. If you choose Peace Mode, players cannot attack you, if you choose PVP Mode, players who choose PVP Mode can attack you, and you can also attack players who choose PVP Mode.

But you also have to watch out for the enemies around you. Enemies can be seen on the minimap, which is indicated by a red icon.

Visit Farstar City

Use the helicopter in Development Zone> Open> War Zone> Farstar City.

Collect branches

Chop down trees in the Farstar City area and collect as many branches as you can.

Unlock chests

There are many houses in Farstar City. Explore the map and go into the houses, you will find some chests.
To open the chest you will need a master key. How to create and obtain a LifeAfter Master Key

Kill infected people

Kill the zombies in the Farstar City area.

Submit the branch that you collected earlier

After collecting enough branch. Now you need to return to the helicopter location to drop off the items you collected earlier.

Note on the mini-map, the location of the helicopter is divided into 2 colors on this map. If the minimap is green, the helicopter is in that location. If there is a gray sign on the minimap, the helicopter will land in that location. So you have to wait a while.

Visit the helicopter’s location, point at the shipping drone, and then select the ship.

• New insights

Expand your backpack

After completing all of the above missions in Farstar City quests, you will receive a reward that can be used to expand your backpack. Click the Newbie Quests menu in the top right of the screen to receive the reward. The item from this reward is enough to use.

After that, you can return home and visit the town hall. Once you are in Town Hall or City of Hope 101, open the minimap and look for the armor icon. Go there, it’s an armaments shop. Interact with the NPC in the armor shop and choose expand the backpack.

Make a repair bank

To build a repair bench, you will need to go to the furniture store located at the town hall location, which is represented on the minimap with a Pau icon.

Go to the furniture store and a furniture manufacturer menu will appear on your screen.

Establish the dog’s habits

Visit Town Hall or Hope 101. Find an NPC named Matilda.
There is a way to speed it up. Open the minimap and look at the quest destination point.

Talk to Maltida, then select Pet Attributes> select an attribute> Settings.

Take the repair bench that you made earlier

Go back home and take your repair bank out of your mailbox. Then go inside and put your repair bench in your house. The trick is: Build> Furniture> Repair Bench.

Unlock new recipes with the oven

In this quest you have to open 6 recipes. Use the oven in your home to cook and open new menus.

Move on

to pick mushrooms

You can pick mushrooms in the fall forest or maybe in Farstar City. Mushroom will appear when it rains. Visit the green sign on the minimap that shows the location of the food when it rains.

Collect hardwood in Farstar City

Visit Farstar City. You can get hardwood vines by cutting trees, but in the rain.

Kill infected people

Kill all zombies.

Unlock chests

Kill infected people.

Kill the wandering zombies again.

Here are tips for Newbie Quests Chapter 2 LifeAfter

Next up, we’ll be discussing the next Chapter 3 Newbie Quests soon. Look forward to our articles again.

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