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Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 4 LifeAfter

Cheats, Instructions, Tips Newbie Quests Chapter 4 LifeAfter

Newbie Quests Chapter 4 Mysterious Territory

Before that, we gave tips on the Newbie Quests Chapter 1 to Chapter 3.
You can reread Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 for our previous articles.

Newbie Quests Chapter 4 LifeAfter Mysterious In this area you will encounter a snowy and muddy environment.

StickAir will provide some information and tips for this Chapter 4.

• Mansion upgrades

Quest 1: Crafting / Gathering / Combat Skills Level 20

Here you have to reach level Abilities Crafting, Gathering, Combat up to level 20. You can complete daily missions that are on the quest board of Fall Forest, SandCastle, etc. You can also play fortress mode, NPC missions, and mystical creature events to collect your skills.

Quest 2: Upgrade Manor Level 5

You will need some materials to upgrade your mansion to level 5. The required materials are 25x wooden boards, 25x bricks, 5x cement and 5x screws.
You can get wooden boards, bricks, cement from the crafts on the material bank. You can get screw from Craft in Gear Workstation.

Quest 3: Hemp Rope

If you have a warehouse, you can visit the armaments store and buy hemp repo with warehouse contribution points and new dollars.

Quest 4: nails

In the Camp Town Hall you can visit the gun shop and interact with the NPC> Trade> Buy Nails.

Quest 5: Solid chest

You can make a solid chest from Material Bank> Crafts> Furniture.

• Icy blizzard

Quest 1: Fire ax, compound pickaxe

In this quest you have to unlock the formulas for FireAxe and Assembled PickAxe. Click the Home Menu button in the top left corner of your game screen> Skills> Gathering.

In this menu there are 3 columns that you can see, namely; Logging, mining and hemp.

To get the fire ax, you have to upgrade the first skill of the logging column (basic logging) to level 3.

With the Fire Ax and Assembled Pickaxe formulas open, you can create them from the Make menu. You will need some iron ore, stones, and wood.

Quest 2: Snow Highlands

Snow Highlands is one of the maps in LifeAfter where you can collect aluminum ore, mushrooms, kyanite, flax leaves, and many more materials that we didn’t mention.

When you are at the SnowHighlands site, be sure to bring a flashlight, hot water, and also wood for a campfire. A blizzard can come your way at any time, and in that case you need to visit the animal shelter on the map and sit on a bench. You can also restore your HP there.

Quest 3: aluminum ore, flax leaf, old cypress

Use your fire ax and assembled pickaxe that you made earlier. To get aluminum ore, you can crush stones, flax leaves that you get from collecting hemp plants, and finally Old Cypress that you get from cutting trees.

Flax leaf has a very low drop rate at this early stage. You can add this by going to Hemp Tanlent Skills> Gater> opening and upgrading the last skill in the Hemp column.

Quest 4: Hunt 3 wild animals

You can explore the SnowHighlands map and you will find deer, ships and yaks too. Kill them to complete this fourth quest.

Quest 5: Kill 5 Infected

You can use a UZI weapon or bow to defeat the infected. We encourage you to team up with your friends or members of your camp to complete these quests quickly.

• Improvements

Quest 1: Level 3 Improvement

You can create level 3 enhancements from bench material and then install them on walls, floors, or doors. Click the Build> Enhance menu.

Quest 2: Ordinary ammo box

In this quest you will be given the task of making a common ammunition box. You can create in Gear Workstation> Craft> Make Weapons. You will need several materials to make the common ammunition box, namely; smokeless gunpowder, hard aluminum alloy, animal horn and wooden board.

You can get Beast Horn by killing Imperial soldiers or animals in SnowHighlands.

Quest 3: UMP9-SMG or Thompson-SMG

In this quest you will be tasked with making one of the weapons from 2 choices of UMP9 SMG or Thompson SMG. To make a Thompson SMG gun, you first need a formula that you can get from the R&D Facility. To make UMP9-SMG weapons, we previously made UMP9-SMG weapons in the previous article.

Quest 4: Bulletproof Armor or Battle Vanguard

In this quest, you will be tasked with crafting one of the 2 choices of armor from Bullet Proof Armor and Battle Vanguard.

To make bulletproof armor you will need several materials, namely; 10x nylon fabric, 10x hard aluminum alloy, 10x hemp rope and 4x film fabric.

You can get nylon fabric by going to Gear Workstation> Craft> Make Armor> Workable> Nylon Cloth to make it. You need materials to make nylon fabric, namely; 30x flax leaf, 10x flax petal and 50x old cypress leaf.

You can get hemp rope from a merchant NPC in the armor shop in your warehouse.

You can get the Fabric Film from the LifeAfter Fabric Film article discussed earlier.

Quest 5: Cert. support financially

When you have entered the camp, you will find Jessica in the town hall in your camp. Or you can find Jessica at Hope 101, the trading office, in a room on the 2nd floor.

• Snow Highlands II

Quest 1: Kill 10 Imperial soldiers

For this quest you are tasked with killing Imperial soldiers, you can visit Barrack Difficult Area I and kill Imperial soldiers there. You can use UZI or UMP9 weapons to defeat them.

Quest 2: Kill 10 Infected

For this quest you will be given the task of killing the infected one again.

Quest 3: Open 5 chests in the Snow Highlands

You can find SnowHighlands Map chests in the shack shacks, tree houses, and more. In these quests you have to open 5 chests on the SnowHighlands map.

To make it easier, you can check out our previous article on Polymer for where the chests are in Snowhiglands.

Quest 4: StrongHold Sandcastle

The game StrongHold SandCastle is a little easier, you can form a team with your friends or your camp members. Visit the Fortress Point in SandCastle and begin the battle. After you start the fight you will see a yellow target on your minimap. Kill the target. After the end of the fight, you will receive Sandburg Feat Points, which you can use to exchange items or treasure maps on NPC vendors next to StrongHold Battle Board> Trade.

Quest 5: Defeat the mystical creature in Sandburg

Mystic Creature in SandCastle appears at random times. Look for the menu of daily events at the top right of your screen> More Schedules> Sandcastle> Unknown Creature. The presence of the mystical creature does not have a specific time, so you need to be active to pay attention to it.

• Dangerous swamp

Quest 1: Crafting / Gathering / Combat Skills Level 25

Here you have to reach level Abilities Crafting, Gathering, Combat up to level 25. You can complete daily missions that are on the quest board of Fall Forest, SandCastle, etc. You can also play fortress mode, NPC missions, and mystical creature events to collect your skills.

Quest 2: Upgrade Manor Level 6

You may need granite here, which you can get at the furniture store in Camp or at Hope 101.

Quest 3: Mouth Marsh

Mouth Swamp is a very bad location for LifeAfter. Before you go there be sure to bring hemp / bandages / antiseptic. Your character will experience infections, coughs and debilitation more easily in Mouth Swamp. Antiseptic will be very useful there.

In Mouth Swamp you can collect some of the same materials as the SnowHighlands card and some exclusive materials like malachite, sturdy leather, kenaf leaf, etc.

Quest 4: Resource Point in the Mouth Marsh

There will be a quest board near the hideout area in Mouth Swamp and you can accept quests there. Complete Quest Resource Point to complete this quest.

Quest 5: Kill 30 crocodiles

To make these quests easier to complete, be sure to team up with your friends or members of your camp. Crocodiles can be found in the Silent Lake area and are usually found in the mud.

• Keep exploring

Quest 1: Open 15 chests

This quest is a little easier, there will be a lot of chests that you can find as you explore the map. We recommend visiting the Black Spring area. There you will find many houses that you can visit to find chests.

Quest 2: Kill 30 Infected

If you have a high powered weapon, it is very easy to complete this quest. But if you only have one UMP9 weapon, you should definitely shoot zombies or get infected in the head area. Headshots are more likely to affect the damage done than regular shots to the body.

Before killing infected people, make sure to check the number of infected people in one place. And make sure you have a supply of antiseptic and bandage or healing buff prepared for this as well.

Quest 3: Defeat 10 believers / assassins

In this quest you have to defeat Assassin / Believer, although these quests are a bit complicated. We recommend using a compound bow or other weapon that does not use polymer or film fabric. You don’t have to spend useful materials to kill this assassin.

There will be some tips & tricks for these quests, but it will take quite a while.

The trick is hit, run and then hit.

You need to visit the Assassin location in Box Valley IV. When you are there do a little exploring and you will find the assassin camp which is on top of mountains or rocks.

Next to the assassin camp you will find a stone structure. You have to shoot the assassins from this rock. But make sure you have cut down the two trees at this rocky point.

After that, according to the distance of your weapon, go to the location of the assassin camp. There will be three or maybe more assassins. Ignore the target of the first assassin on the second assassin, then shoot and you should climb the rock discussed above ASAP.

After that, the assassin will approach you and you will have to shoot continuously until the assassin dies. After killing the assassins, you can repeat this method.

Quest 4: Kill Life Suckers

In this quest you have to kill 3 life suckers. There are several tricks and cheats to complete this quest. In this quest you can use trick with wolves.

In the LifeAfter game, the lives of wolves and life suckers are hostile to each other. When wolves encounter LifeSuckers, they attack each other.
LifeSuckers can be found in the Box Valley area, behind the helicopter evacuation point. There is a moat beyond the point where you can find Life Suckers. Not just life suckers, you can find wolves in the back of the helicopter evacuation point too.

All you have to do is distract the Life Suckers and take them to the Wolves’ location or vice versa. After that, you can wait for the right time to begin the attack until the Life Suckers die.

Quest 5: Play Stronghold SnowHighlands

In this quest you have to play Stroghold Battles. You will defeat the Imperial soldiers in these fortress battles. Form a team, defeat all enemies.

You can exchange your points for treasure maps, ginkgo seeds and other ingredients.

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