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Changed soon, here is the latest gameplay from Lancelot and Odette!

Changed soon, here is the latest gameplay from Lancelot and Odette!

Project NEXT Phase 3 is set to be released in the near future and is sure to spruce up some heroes.

In addition to the Hayabusa-Kagura pair, Moonton is also targeting the Lancelot-Odette pair for a makeover in the upcoming update.

The update will surely change their general look and feel from the entrance to the gameplay during the game.

So here are the gameplay changes that will be made to the two heroes in the upcoming update.

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Lancelot revision of MLBB
Source: YT MLBB

After a makeover, Lancelot now appears to have a movement that appears to be a bit slower than the previous version.

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Additionally, there’s no change to Lancelot’s Ability 1, where he restores his cooldown when his sword mark hits an enemy or jungle.

Changes can be seen in Lancelot’s Skill 2, where his rose of thorns does not eliminate his body, so it is speculated that he will not become immune to attacks like in the previous version.

There is no substantial change to the ultimate itself either, where it is still taking steps to give its goal a stab.


Odette Revamp MLBB
Source: YT MLBB

Odette now has more perks in this makeover, which gives her a small escape ability.

Odette’s own ability 1 still looks the same, where she starts an attack on the enemy with her goose shadow.

In his second ability he will direct magical energy attacks, with normal attacks still reflecting attacks on his opponents.

One rather noticeable change occurs in Odette’s Ultimate, where she jumps in the direction she’s going and instantly releases her great energy.

Additionally, another animation of the Ultimate will be updated where it dances and sings compared to the previous version which only lifted a stick.

For more details, check out the trailer via the @ml_bakugo Instagram account below.

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