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Chang'E Mobile Legends Passive Revision Skill

Chang’E Mobile Legends Passive Revision Skill

The cute hero Chang’e Mobile Legends is getting a makeover for his skills.

Hero Chang’e has a slight revision of his skills after the makeover. These changes could change Chang’e very differently than before. The change lies in the passive skill.

The passive skill that Chang’e Mobile Legends has, before we get the revision skill, we have to collect the stack to do magic damage. After the rework, the effect will change to additional magic damage every time our skills hit the enemy.

In the description of the passive skill, the magic damage skill is increased by 1% to 20% every time we deal damage to the enemy. However, this is only for Chang’e’s ultimate ability.

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Chang’e’s ultimate is able to kill his enemy with only 1 ultimate. Tank-class enemies can die with 1x skill, what about rifle-class enemies with thinner blood?

StickAir has a video showing Chang’es ultimate ability, just watch the video.

What do you think of Hero Chang’e after gaining the revision skill?

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