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Catfish damage items in light style – Selena’s sickest build recommendation for 2021 with the strongest item in the style of Top Global Luminaire. The catfish anesthetic really hurts the boss!

Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, until 2021. Featuring the 5v5 teamfight genre, this game features intense action-action that is very difficult to leave.

In this game you can choose any role you want. If you have the soul of a leader, tanks are your best bet. If you are an initiator, Fighter and Magician is the best answer. If you’re an executor, assassins and snipers are the right choices. But if you want to stay behind, support is who you really are.

Finding Mabar friends is of course not difficult. Wherever you are, you can find people playing Mobile Legends games. It’s not difficult to find Mabar friends, just not a newbie, you can join mabar in any squad.

There is one important note, however. To be a pro, you shouldn’t be a burden on the team. You still have to master all of the roles available in Mobile Legends, namely tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and supporters.

Build Selena Hurts 2021

Build Selena Hurts 2021

One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down right now is Selena. Selena herself is a magician who can fill both the support role and Gold Lane with the most beautiful skin and the most commonly used rank at the moment.

This hero, who has been banned many times since Mobile Legends opened, is very famous for causing great damage and being played by Mobile Legends legends, namely RRQ Lemon and Luminaire. Selena is increasingly fond of playing as she has more than 3 skills, which have both burst and defensive skills at the same time.

Even so, Selena is very susceptible to other hero mages who have instant crowd control effects and trap enemies like Vale, Eudora and Ling.

Demon shoes

Demon shoes

What shoes are shoes that are very suitable for heroes who like to spam skills. In addition to a +6 mana regeneration effect, each assistance received restores 10% mana. Every time you eliminate a minion, you gain 4% mana regeneration.

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Disaster Reaper

Disaster Reaper

This item not only increases mana but can also deal real damage to the enemy if you use a skill in 3 seconds. The real damage is pretty big, 120% with a very short cooldown of just 1.5 seconds.

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Lightning stick

Lightning stick

The unique effect of this item is very painful when combined with the “Clock of Fate” item. This item gives a very sick lightning bolt to the enemy. The cooldown of this effect is only 6 seconds.

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Divine glaive

Divine glaive

This item, which is often combined with Holy Crystal, has no cure. Items that can increase the damage done by support heroes are very good for mages with high burst damage. With the unique ability, the unique effect is increased by 30% when your HP is over 70%. The damage cannot be cured!

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Holy crystal

Holy crystal

This burst damage item is very mandatory to give the opponent a surprise attack. Repeated use of the skill increases the magical damage this item deals.

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Winter club

Winter club

This item, used not only by magicians but also by snipers, is very useful, especially in team fights, you know! This item will allow you who are already dead to become ice and immortal, meaning you cannot be attacked in any way. No wonder this item is often used as a comeback item by professional gamers.

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Selena’s Disease Charm and Emblem 2021

Spells and emblems also have a huge impact on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game as you gain bonus skills and power by using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems help Selena’s mobility, especially when it comes to agriculture and riots in the opponent’s jungle.

Selena’s spell

As one of the Solo Target Heroes, a spell is available that is suitable for Selena Carry out. This spell is highly recommended as the target hit by the Abbysal Arrow is sure to die with the execution combination.

No need to ask again, the replacement combat spell suitable for Selena as one of the heroes in the middle lane is flicker and Flame shot. You can use the Flicker combat spell to escape when the enemy assassin or mage catches you.

During this flame shot, Selena has the opportunity to kill the enemy as it slows down the enemy affected. Even better, the damage this flame shot does increases with the number of items Selena has.

Selena’s emblem

There are actually two emblems that are suitable for Selena as a hero mage in the middle lane, namely the support emblem with combat effects greed (in combination with mastery + recreation) and mage emblems with combat effects Magical worship (which is combined with agility + contract).

You are free to choose an emblem according to your opponent’s condition if the admin still prefers Magic Worship as this emblem increases damage and causes a burn-in effect on the opponent. This emblem is very useful for continuing to participate in team fights while replenishing the HP (shield) that has been lost due to the opponent’s damage.

Selena’s skills 2021

  • Passive ability (symbiosis): Selena can transform into two forms, namely human and Abbys. Every cross attack in human mode leaves its mark on the enemy. When Abby’s mode attacks an enemy hit by a marker, the damage taken by the enemy increases.
  • Human First Skill (Abbysal Trap): Selena in her human form can abandon the Abbysal Trap across the land of down. A maximum of three traps can be installed. Abbysal traps can be used to open cards. When the enemy hits the Abbysal trap, it has a slowing effect for 2 seconds.
  • First Skill Abbysal (Soul Eater): In Abbys mode, Selana can reach for nearby enemies. After the claws, Selena receives a shield that can protect her.
  • Human Second Skill (Abbysal Arrow): Selena fires an Abbys arrow in the specified direction in Human mode. The enemy hit is stunned. The further away the arrow is, the longer the stunning effect.
  • Abby’s Second Skill (Garrote): Selena can storm in the specified direction. If the first sprint hits your opponent or servant, you can storm a second time.
  • Ultimate Ability: Selena can either transform into Abby in human form or vice versa. With every change, Selana gains an additional movement speed of 5%.

Counter Selena 2021

For the counterattack, Selena is actually not far from a mage or tank that has a burst effect, crowd control and DPS. In this article, I’ve recommended several heroes who are very good counter-sellers for Selena.

All it takes to counter Selena is a hero who has side effects or crowd control and DPS. The crowd control effect will make it harder for Selena to move around and use her ultimate ability and run away from the enemy. And the DPS attack will kill Selena before she does anything.

There are many dangerous heroes for Selena like Hayabusa, Gusion, Ling, Hilda, Uranus and many more. Even so, Selena can be selected in the early session to secure her position because, after all, Selena is the best counter hero even for heroes who face her.

The last word

That is the article on Lelena’s build in 2021, suitable for use as a mage in mid lane and as a core in the late game. In addition to being a support, this hero is very good at catching the opponent’s shooter, especially in the late game.

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