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Can Udil AE bring Winstreak like with ONIC? Here is the answer!

Can Udil AE bring Winstreak like with ONIC? That is Udil’s answer!

Alter Ego managed to maintain his 8th winstreak after beating Geek Fam by a score of 2-1.

If you watch the first game, it seems that alter ego’s winstreak will break once Hanz’s excellent play with Bruno is in possession.

Of course, when we talk about winsstreaks in MPL ID we remember ONIC who won winsstreaks in MPL ID Season 3 to become the champion, and that option is open to Alter Ego to achieve the same result.

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In this context, Udil, who was hit after the game, gave his opinion on the winning streaks Alter Ego is getting now and is it possible for his team to do the same with ONIC this time around? This is Udil’s answer.

Udil Alter Ego WINstreak
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“At first when I was at ONIC everything just went on, there was no intention for a winstreak, just the goal was to do the best, especially for fans and friends, family and all sorts of things. With Alter Ego, I feel like the desire to give backers the victory is greater, either to friends or to the same variable (family and others), “said Udil.

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At first Udil said when the winstreak just continued at ONIC, there was never any intention of hitting that record.

“But when the feeling is there, there is nothing, firstly I don’t plan to win at ONIC, secondly if I get a winstreak for myself personally, I’ll be grateful, if I don’t get it, I’m still grateful, it means that we still have something to improve and in my opinion, if there is a problem, it is an advantage, it means that we can improve ourselves to something better Udil.

For himself, Udil admits to being in a position that can be said to be 50:50 for the reason that it’s a winstreak that just happens, and if it happens again at Alter Ego he will be grateful, and if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t mean there is still an issue on his team that needs fixing.

If, according to Spinners, what about Alter Ego’s winstreak, it might not happen like ONIC did in MPL ID Season 3, it won’t be smooth because most end 2-1. However, it proves that even when they are depressed, the alter ego can overcome the problems they get.

Of course, if it happens again it will be Alter Ego’s second record after winning a winstreak on the MPLI some time ago.

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