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Buy levels and gears in matches

Leveling up and buying gear is usually ignored by beginners, not because they don’t want it, but because they don’t really understand what it means. The thing is, when I was just playing this game, I was just focusing on the fight and ignoring other things.

There is already a level system in the game, with every level up a skill is unlocked (the third skill is unlocked at level 4). Next, with all three skills unlocked, every time we level up we can increase our skill level. the higher the skill level, the more painful the effect, so increase your level as soon as possible in the game.
Increasing the level can be done by: killing minions, killing monsters in the jungle, killing enemies.

Buy gear
This game also installs an item shopping system in matches so that we can get gold after killing monsters, minions and enemies. We will then use the gold to buy items we prepared from the previous preparatory dish. In this game, the more elegant the gears, the more painful your attacks will be. So collect as much gold as you can in the shortest possible time.

Tips: In the early game, often kill monsters that are near the tower you are guarding so that you can get gold and experience from monsters and minions.

Remarks: Although we should look for gold and exp as much and as quickly as possible, we still need to keep our passion and be mindful of the situation. Do not be eager to kill the enemy and it will turn out to be the one who was killed: v

Here are some items or equipment that were purchased in-game. I used Franco with a full tanker build.

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