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Build Zilong overhaul damage fully critical

Build Zilong revision damage full critical | Zilong is a Hero Legends that has existed since the beginning of Mobile Legends with the name Yun Zhao.

Even so, Zilong doesn’t seem that important in Moonton’s eyes, as this hero rarely gets buffs or revamps. Zilong only got buffs and reworks from Moonton a few times.

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Finally, after a long time, Zilong finally got the revamp for all his skills and skins. Obviously, for Zilong users, this is very surprising news.

Well, in this post, I’m going to discuss a little bit about the Zilong build that was included in this makeover. Of course, the resulting damage is also worth the zilong change.

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Build Zilong Revamp hurts

It’s a build that works very well for Zilong when using Retri, Flicker, or Execute. With Full Critical Damage, he can let enemies die with just one combo.

Zilong revision. emblem

For the emblem itself, Zilong only needs one additional critical chance so that the resulting damage is really big.

So this is the Painful Zilong Revamp full critical damage build for you to try. You can find out more Mobile Legends Hero Builds in this article.

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