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Build Yu Zhong Sick 2021 Season 21

Yu Zhong, Yu Zhong HD Wallpaper

Build Yu Zhong Hurts 2021 Season 21. Who Likes Yu Zhong? Hero Fighter with this unique ability has a very large life steal.

Where! Yu Zhong has a passive that can absorb enemy blood. When our blood is absorbed, don’t try to fight Yu Zhong.

You won’t win 1 on 1 against Yu Zhong either. For those of you who use this hero, you should try Build Yu Zhong, which can do super sick damage.

The 3 most recommended Yu Zhong builds

Build Yu Zhong

You can try the three builds above. Each item build has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Check out the full explanation so you know which one is good for fighting enemy heroes!

Build Yu Zhong Top Global

Build Yu Zhong Top Global

The First Build is used very often by Top Global and has the following advantages:

  1. You will get physical defense if you buy warrior boots at the beginning of the game
  2. You will then receive the Spell Vamp from the Bloodlust Ax.
    What is magic vampire? In short, when you use a skill and your blood rises, that’s what Spell Vamp means!
  3. The third item is very useful for increasing the Blood Rain effect when your passive is active
  4. The next item is Despair Blade, this item is very useful for adding damage from any Yu-Zhong skill
  5. The next item of defense is Queen Wings when this item is useful in increasing life steal and defense when your blood is severely reduced.
  6. Immortality is also very useful when getting into the late game. Where you can come back to life after your death

Build Yu Zhong Sick 2021 Season 21

Build Yu Zhong Injured

This is the Sick Yu Zhong build that I tried myself. The damage done is also great when you enter 5 minutes, the advantages of this item are.

  1. Yu Zhong’s skill cooldown decreases when you buy magical shoes.

  2. The item that boosts damage in the early game is BOD. This item is very useful when combined with the fighter emblem.

  3. The next item is Bloodlust Ax because Yu Zhong needs a great wizarding vampire to survive.

Because the above elements are almost the same. So I won’t explain it too often.

The strongest Yu-Zhong build

The strongest Yu-Zhong build

For the strongest Yu-Zhong build. This is the most appropriate recommendation. Because you benefit from this build.

  1. Yu Zhong’s ability decreases when he has Magic Shoes and Queen’s Wings.

  2. Can withstand enemy attack during war.

  3. The blood fills up quickly when the passive is active.

So this is the Yu Zhong build for you to try. If any of these builds are very effective! You can write in the comment column.

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