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Build the Strongest Belerick Mobile Legends Anti Dead 2021

Android31 – Belerick is a tank hero in Mobile Legends game, although Belerick also has significant damage compared to other tank heroes.

This damage is very useful when your team is engaged in a war with the enemy. When it was first released, this hero was withdrawn by Moonton but returned with a different design after a while. Belerick’s first appearance looks like a giant beetle.

Well, for those of you who love to use this hero while playing Mobile Legends, here I will be giving Belerick’s strongest anti-death build in 2021.

Belerick Mobile Legends

As I mentioned above, as a hero with the tank type, Belerick also has a CC specialist and also a very tall man.

This hero is perfect for you if you want to have a team fight as he can break off all your opponent’s combos.

If a tank does not have enough damage, Belerick does not. Because the damage Belerick inflicts depends on the damage inflicted on him by the enemy.

Belerick’s skills

Using Belerick in combat is very simple, but that convenience shouldn’t make you break through your opponent’s attacks.

This hero is also very suitable for those of you pushing rank with friends.

In addition, Belerick has a unique passive ability that allows this hero to perform a very painful attack when receiving a barrage of attacks from the enemy.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Belerick’s abilities, I am going to explain the abilities of this hero’s tank here.

Passive (Deadly Thorns)

This passive skill will be very difficult for opponents, especially snipers who rely heavily on very high attack speed.

This passive skill allows Belerick to kill Sniper-Type heroes without attacking them.

With this passive skill, Belerick can restore the damage taken by 25% at a rate of 0.4 per second.

Skill 1 (Ancient Seed)

With this ability, Belerick is able to remove the plants that are spreading from his body and give the enemy affected by this attack a 25% slowing effect. And after 1 second over Belerick’s attack path, the opponent experiences a mocking effect for 1.2 seconds.

Skill 2 (Nature Strike)

This skill has received several updates. This skill can provide up to 40% movement speed and buff the next basic attack.

Normal attacks amplified by this skill can cause the target to have a slow effect for 1.4 seconds. And if you manage to do a basic attack, you will get HP regeneration.

Skill 3 (Wrath of the Dryad)

This skill is almost the same as skill 1, Belerick will send vines out towards the enemy, dealing 4x damage and causing a immobilization effect for 2 seconds.

Belerick’s deadliest combo ability

Hero Tank is a hero who should be on the front lines in battle. Belerick’s passive skill will be very useful and deadly when hitting hero-type opponents like sniper, assassin, and fighter.

Try to use the Ultimate Skill (Skill 3) when the enemy’s position is within attack range. When all the opponents gather, use Skill 1 to break the opponent’s combination.

Build Belerick Anti Dead 2021

Belerick is a hero who relies on his teammates to perform combos. He has a taunt ability that really makes the opponent attack Belerick, so Belerick needs to be given a very strong defensive aspect, even against death.

So you shouldn’t be sloppy when building Belerick as it will greatly affect Belerick’s resilience on the battlefield.

Here are some anti-dead Belerick 2021 builds.

Recommended combat spells and emblem sets

Recommended combat spell


Flicker is a spell that works very well for Belerick as this spell can help Belerick form combos with his teammates. In addition, this spell will be very useful for Belerick to run away from attack or chase opponents.


Vegeance is the second recommended spell. Because this spell can maximize Belerick’s passive abilities.

Recommended emblem sets

The emblem set that goes perfectly with Belerick is the tank emblem set and also the carrier. Those two sentences could add to the resistance that became Belerick’s weakness. For the arrangement itself, you can see below:

  • Tanks: 3 Vitality, 3 Fortress, Talent Tenacity
  • Support: 3 Vitality, 3 Break, Talent Focus Token

The last word

So the article about Belerick, a hero who can kill an opponent without doing anything, a very strong tank-type hero cannot even die. If you like this article don’t forget to share and please request a hero build especially what I can discuss on Android31.

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