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Build the sickest Karina from the global top to become Savage! – This is Karina’s build recommended by the world’s top mobile legends, Autosavage guaranteed! Karina is one of the best-selling heroes in mobile legends with a role as a magician-assassin. Priced at 32,000 BP, this hero is known for being very quick and having a deadly attack. So don’t be surprised if Karina is often referred to as the best heroine in mobile legends.

Like a mage, Karina’s ability has a very fast cooldown. This allows you to do skill combinations repeatedly until you win the game. In fact, thanks to the uniqueness of her skills, Karina can often kill all of her enemies at once.

Then what is the uniqueness of Karina’s abilities?

For skills 1 & 2 – Every time Karina manages to kill an enemy or get an assist, she receives a 60% cooldown reduction.

For skill 3 – Every time Karina kills an enemy, Skill 3’s cooldown ends and can be reused to attack other enemies. When he receives an assist, Skill 3’s cooldown is reduced by 80%.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder Karina is called an adoring heroine, given the ability to use her abilities repeatedly with a very quick cooldown.

Create Karina Mobile LegendsFor the early game, we recommend Karina players travel to the forest to reach a high level. As an assassin, it is mandatory for Karina’s player to take the blue buff so that it doesn’t waste mana and level up quickly.

Although Karina is endowed with a very deadly combo skill, Karina has very thin blood herself. Therefore, I recommend that you use Skill 1 again and again in critical situations in order to escape your opponent. For battle spells, I suggest you choose retribution to help when you’re in the jungle.

The detailed information about Karina is now as follows:

Karina’s status

  • PS: 2633
  • Mana: 431
  • Mana Restoration: Nov.
  • HP recovery: 39
  • Physical attack: 121
  • Magical Power: –
  • Protection: 20
  • Magic shield: 10
  • Movement speed: 260
  • Attack speed: 0.9

Karina’s abilities

  • capability passive: After the opponent has been successfully attacked 2 times in a row, the third attack inflicts Real Damage on the target and inflicts 10% of the lost HP.
  • First ability – volatility : Karina passes out for 3 seconds, gains immunity that makes her immune to normal attacks. Added 35% movement acceleration. His attack gives a critical hit and slows the opponent’s movement.
  • Second ability – Dance of death : Swings double swords and binds your enemies in a circle of death.
  • Third ability (ultimate) – Shadow intoxication : Sprints toward the target quickly, dealing massive damage. If you manage to kill, the skill can be reused. When assisted, the cooldown is reduced by 80%.

Very deadly, isn’t it?

Not only that, the items Karina has in the competition are also the biggest win factor in the competition, you know! Then which Karina build do I use to make the profit? Please see the details below:

Build Karina Mobile Legends to go wild!

Here are the best Karina builds we could round up:

Magical shoes

Magical shoesKarina is a mage assassin who relies so heavily on the existence of skills to kill opponents. So the first thing you should do is reduce the cooldown and speed up the movement.

Buying Magic Shoes gives you +40 movement speed and a 10% cooldown reduction.

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Disaster Reaper

Disaster ReaperThis item makes Karina look so wild in the early game. As with Magic Shoes, this item also has the option to add + 10% cooldown reduction, which makes it easier for Karina to use her abilities. By purchasing this item, you will also receive an additional man bonus of +400 and +70 magical power.

Additionally, this item makes Karina even more vicious due to the unique abilities the item offers. Once you’ve used a skill, the next basic attack does extra damage that can suck out the enemy’s blood.

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Concentrated energy

Concentrated energyNo assassin if Karina loses a 1-on-1 match with another hero role!

Since Karina is a heroine with the role of Mage Assassin, I suggest that you purchase this item so that you can survive enemy attacks with Lifesteal.

This item gives +700 HP and +70 Magic Power, which strengthen Karina during a match.

But that is not the purpose of purchasing this item!

Concentrated Energy has a passive ability very similar to the lifeblood item commonly used by Sagittarius, namely 30% Spell Vampire. It doesn’t stop there, this item has an ability to regenerate 10% HP after killing an enemy.

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Lightning stick

Lightning stickThis relatively new item is indeed a prima donna for mage players. With +75 Magic Power and +30 Mana Restoration, Karina can still perform combo skills without worrying about running out of mana.

Not only that, the passive ability of this item is guaranteed to make anyone complacent. Every 6 seconds, Karina’s ability increases further by up to 150% than usual, which is very painful damage and can be used on 3 enemy heroes.

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Holy crystal

Holy crystalItems sold at low prices are considered Property damage specialist which is very suitable for Karina. Purchasing this item will give you +90 Magical Power and even then plus + 25% Magical Power to its unique ability.

In her passive ability, Karina’s magical power increases again by 15% when Karina’s attack hits the target. Impressive! Really full of damage, right?

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Blood wing

Blood wingAnd the last to fill the ranks of Karina’s mobile legend is Blood Wings. Frequently used favorite items in late game that is very extraordinary indeed.

With this item you get +150 magical power and +150 HP. Its own passive ability is to add 2 HP for every 1 magic you have.

Remarks :
Based on the latest patch in 2021, Karina is one of the toughest late-game assassins to survive. If the game doesn’t end, you can purchase Defense or Cooldown Reduction items.

How, so interested in Karina? Naturally!

A couple of articles about Build Karina that we could summarize. If you would like to receive information on various other hero equipment, please subscribe to our email and social media.

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