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Build Phoveus Tersakit Season 21 Mobile Legends 2021

Build Phoveus Tersakit Season 21 Mobile Legends 2021

Land of Dawn is back with a new hero, this time the hero fighter called Phoveus is officially present on the original server.

This hero himself can be owned for free from May 11, 2021 until Event 515 where we will be asked to draw to receive the Phoveus exchange token.

Even if the hero is free, do not underestimate his abilities. Exactly this hero will be the agile counter hero with the Blink skill.

For that you have to try the recommended build Phoveus Tersakit Season 21, see below.

Recommendations for the worst and strongest Phoveus build season 21

Phoveus is a fighting hero who deals magical damage, so the Phoveus build is the most glaring one like this one.

Build Phoveus Hurt

  1. Warrior shoes
  2. Disaster Reaper
  3. Cape of Fate
  4. ice queen
  5. oracle
  6. Brute force breastplate

The above build works very well for Phoveus as all of these items strengthen Phoveus’ own defenses, making him a lot tougher in the mid game until the start of the late game.

Not only that, the damage done is also greater when you own the Calamity Reaper item. Oracle is also highly recommended as this item can increase the shield absorption of Skill 1 Phoveus.

How are you satisfied with the above build Phoveus? The disadvantage of the above items is that the items used will run out quickly as the regeneration items are not in possession. This becomes Phoveus’ weak point when the mana used for defense is depleted.

But calm down, I have prepared a secret item to speed up mana regeneration, maybe some of you already know. What’s the best build of Phoveus? See below.

Best Phoveus Builds 2021

Best Phoveus Builds 2021

  1. Magical shoes
  2. Enchanted talisman
  3. Necklace of the Durance
  4. Holy crystal
  5. oracle
  6. Divine glaive

This is the best Phoveus build in 2021. This build is highly recommended if you are fighting a fighter or mage with a major life steal.

Additionally, you don’t have to go back to base with this item because you are running out of mana. Simply by purchasing an enchanted talisman, you can stay on the trail without calling back.

Not only that when it comes to Paquito, Alice or great Lifesteal heroes. You can reduce the hero’s lifesteal with a necklace of perseverance.

So that was the worst and strongest Phoveus build in 2021. Are you interested in using the best Phoveus build recommendations for 2021 above? You can change the build order above according to the conditions of the battlefield. Hopefully it’s useful …

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