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Build Nana Sick RRQ Lemon Version, a deadly underrated hero!

Build Nana Sick RRQ Lemon Version, a deadly underrated hero!

Nana is one of the heroes who is pretty underrated in Mobile Legends as her skills don’t compare to support heroes in general.

This is because this hero is considered less useful as all the skills he has only rely on specific moments to be successful.

However, in the hands of the right hero, this cute hero really does become a pretty deadly hero in Mobile Legends.

So here are the recommendations for the craziest build for the RRQ Lemon version of Nana.

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Arcane boots

Arcane boots

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Of course, in order to play Nana aggressively it is a must to use Arcane Boots as it increases magic penetration by +10.

This of course increases the magical damage the opponent takes after Nana attacks the opponent.

Clock of fate


As a magical hero who relies on scaling, Clock of Destiny is certainly a fitting item for Nana.

This item allows Nana to increase her magic damage by 5% and gains a total of 300 mana when the stack is collected.

Lightning stick

Lightning stick

Lightning stick is certainly one of the items that must not be left behind while using the Clocj of Destiny.

The reason for this is that this item increases magic damage by 20-1000 depending on your max mana.

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Necklace of the Durance

Anti-Lifesteal Articles

To defeat a hero with a high lifesteal, Nana can use a Durance necklace as the next item.

With this item, Nana reduces the opponent’s regeneration by 50% for three seconds.

Fleeting time

As a poke damage heroine, of course, Nana needs fleeting time to maximize all of her skills.

Using these items will reduce Nana’s cooldown by 30% for any ability she has.

Frozen wand

Frozen wand
Source: Mobile Legends

To make Nana even more annoying, you can of course use the Ice Qieen Wand as the last item.

With this item you will give the opponent a 15% slowing effect on the opponent’s hero for three seconds.

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