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Build the most painful and newest items for Natalia 2021 Mobile Legends

Natalia Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – Natalia is a very strong assassin in the late game, but weak in the early game. However, he has the ability to give the enemy control of the crowd in the form of a silent effect. This way, the enemy will not be able to use their skills for a few seconds.

Natalia is also an assassin who can spy on enemies on the map because she has the ability to be invisible to enemies. As long as he could stay in the grass for a few seconds, he could disappear and go unnoticed by the enemy.

Well, in this article, Cecepkocep gives you recommendations for build items or equipment for Natalia Mobile Legends. How is the build item? Let’s check out the review below.

Build items / equipment Natalia Mobile Legends

0 # Hunter’s Knife / Nimble Blade

Before going to the main item, it is better to buy jungle items first so that you can farm more effectively. By buying jungle items, we can get experience points and gold faster. This way Natalia can also buy items faster.

For the jungle items, I recommend Hunter’s Knife or you can upgrade to Nimble Blade. If your team has a lot of farming to do, just use Hunter’s Knife. I’ve also noticed that some pro gamers rarely upgrade to Nimble Blade, Hunter’s Knife alone is enough.

1 # speed boats

Rapid Boots Mobile Legends

Rapid Boots is an item that I think Natalia must wear. Because by using this item, he is faster when roaming. It will be easier for him to escape or chase the enemy. In addition, Natalia is also faster in invisible mode.

You can use Wizard Boots early in the game to collect gold faster. But you always have to be involved in teamfights because you get gold for doing assists.

2 # Berserker’s anger

Berserker's Fury Mobile Legends

Berserker’s Fury is designed to deal critical damage, so the damage Natalia does will also be great. This item gives you a 25% critical chance so you will deal critical damage more often.

Berserker’s Fury will also deal + 40% critical damage, so the critical damage Natalia deals is even greater. Meanwhile, physical damage also increases physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds. So don’t be surprised if Natalia is very terrible in the late game.

3 # Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

Berserker’s Fury will be very effective when combined with Scarlet Phantom. This item increases Natalia’s critical chance to 50%, allowing her to deal critical damage more often. Coupled with a great attack speed, which makes it more common to deal very large damage.

Scarlet Phantom’s physical attack isn’t great, but the attack speed it offers is very great. Because critical hits increase his attack speed by another 30%. In this way, the total attack speed of Scarlet Phantom can reach 60%.

4 # Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair Mobile Legends

Desperate Blade is an item that offers very great physical attack. In this way, the damage to Natalia will be even greater when this item is purchased. The additional physical attack from this item is 170 points, not to mention the passive one. Then Natalia will also be faster when roaming due to the additional movement speed of 5%.

The passive of this Despair Blade item is to increase Physical Attack by 25% when it hits a target whose blood is less than 50%. You need to know that the damage done to Natalia in the late game is very great. Now this item is increased again by 25%. So do not be surprised if the damage done to Natalia at this stage is very great.

5 # Endless struggle

Endless Battle Mobile Legends

Many statuses are given by Enldess Battle items, including Lifesteal. Of course, this life robbery is very useful for Natalia to survive a team fight. This item also provides extra movement speed so Natalia can hike faster.

Endless Battle will also do real damage, so it can be used very well against tank or battle heroes. The additional reduction in cooldown will also be very useful for Natalia so she can spam skills more often.

6 # Malicious roar

Malefic Roar Mobile Legends

While the physical attack this item offers is very minor, that is not the selling point of this item. This item is used to fight tank or battle heroes who have very great physical defenses, especially in the late game.

If our team is indeed dominating the game, we can also use Windtalkers to increase Natalia’s attack and movement speed. This way, the damage Natalia will do will be very great and will make itself useful as a killing machine in the late game.

You can use defensive items too, but I recommend Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. This item offers very high damage reduction, so it can be stronger even against battle heroes. Then the additional life theft will also increase, so that it will be even stronger for Natalia.

Emblems and battle spells

Custom Assassin Emblem Natalia Mobile Legends

With emblems, of course Custom assassin with the talent arrangement as in the picture below. 3x bravery will make Natalia’s physical attack great even in the early game. 3x Fatal also offers an additional critical chance so that Natalia can carry out attacks with greater damage.

For the third talent, you can use Bounty Hunter or Hight and Dray. Use Bounty Hunters if you want to get gold more easily, but with a note you will have to kill often. I prefer Hight and Dray so that your damage can be 6% higher. Very suitable for Natalia to pick up shooters or magicians who do agriculture.

You can use Retribution to farm faster, but it’s less useful in the late game. In this way, I recommend the Inspire spell so that Natalia’s attack speed is even faster. This spell can also be used to farm or kill enemies in the early game.

The last word

This is the building item / equipment, emblem, and spell for the Natalia version Cecepkocep . It’s true folks, in the early game we don’t expect more at the start of the game unless you’re old. Playing too aggressively at the beginning of the game is not recommended for solo players. You have to wait patiently for your article to finish. Also, be careful to control the enemy crowd as Natalia could die instantly if hit by a combo.

You’re not sticking to the above points, it’s better to experiment and adapt it to your particular gameplay. Don’t forget to customize items as you play. Good luck and thank you.

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