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Build Miya Sick from Top Global Mobile Legends Auto Savage in 2021! – This is the list of the strongest Miya builds from the world’s leading mobile legends Tuturu. It hurts so much that it is easy to get wild! Not only can this gear speed up normal attacks, but it can also make Miya’s ability combinations stronger, you know!

After discussing many different Mobile Legends hero builds, this time around I had the chance to write a Miya build arrangement that can offer ferocity. But before we get down to the main topic, let’s first take a look at the review of this Miya Mobile Legends hero.

Miya is one of the best-selling heroes who takes on the role of a shooter. When fighting with arrows, Miya’s skills are best when the game is late (late game).

This has been successfully proven in several Youtube videos showing Miya’s speed in attacking the Lord alone. In less than 10 seconds, a Miya can kill a lord without the help of the team. Amazing isn’t it?

Build items Miya Mobile Legends

For those of you who can’t wait to see the order of Miya’s build items, it’s good to see the details of this hero, huh. In addition to being able to add insights, you will learn how strong miya is simple game and how great his skills are.

And here’s the full dates on the latest Miya Mobile Legends:

Miya status

  • PS: 2524
  • Mana: 445
  • Mana Restoration: Nov.
  • HP recovery: 30
  • Physical attack: 117
  • Magical Power: –
  • Protection: 17
  • Magic shield: 10
  • Movement speed: 240
  • Attack speed: 0.85

Miya skills

  • capability passive: Each basic attack that hits the target increases attack speed by 5% for 4 seconds. This ability can be used with an accumulation of 8 times.
  • First ability – Nuclear fission : After use, normal attacks generate 2 to 3 separate arrows. Deals +5 physical attack with an additional +105 total physical attack. This ability can last long enough for 4 seconds.
  • Second ability – Rain of arrows : Fires a barrage of fire on the selected area. Deals 5 damage and deals +30 Physical Attack with an additional + 15% total Physical Attack. This ability can slow the enemy down and after 4 attacks the enemy freezes for 1 second.
  • Third ability (ultimate) – Turbo stealth : Clears all types of enemy attack types numb and disappears for 1.5 seconds. Attack speed is increased for 6 seconds and movement speed is increased for 1.5 seconds.

Build Miya Mobile Legends Guaranteed Savage!

Do you understand Miya’s status and skills? If so, now is the time to find out the strongest build of Miya. So what items should you use? Check this out!

Here are the best Miya build items that we could summarize:

Haas’ claws

Haas' claws

As I mentioned in a previous article, Haas’ claws are a must have for any marksman. This article will certainly come in very handy if you want to keep the middle lane on your own.

This item increases the ability to +70 physical attacks and has a life seal of 20% which allows you to get the HP bar.

Tips: Before Miya gets this item, play carefully and don’t try to start the war on your own.

Fast boots

Fast boots

The second item that you need to buy is Swift Boots. This shoe item increases the running speed as well as the attack speed.

Even if you already own this item of footwear, you must also be careful of enemy attacks, especially high-speed assassins.

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Berserker’s rage

Berserker's rageThe next build item from Miya is Berserker’s Fury. This item is one of the best pieces of equipment that gives maximum chance of critical attack. You can use this item to regularly attack enemies or turrets.

When you add a battle spell To inspire, you can destroy the opponent’s tower in less than 5 seconds even with just 1 servant.

How did it happen?

Because this item gives +65 physical attack, accompanied by + 25% critical attack chance, which makes it easier for you to attack your opponent. Not to mention the unique and passive skills in this item, I am sure that you can kill a lot of enemies in the simple game.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

It doesn’t feel right when a great archer like Miya slowly attacks the opponent. Therefore, I commit you to purchase this item after the other 3 items have been collected.

By using this item, it is not impossible to kill opponents acting as fighters before they approach you.

Based on available data, this item inflicts +30 Physical Attack, + 40% Attack Speed ​​and + 10% Critical Attack. In addition, this item has a unique ability, Frenzy, which makes you much stronger.

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Malicious roar

Malicious roarIn the early game, tank and fighter users sometimes become a terrifying ghost for marksmen as they are very difficult to kill. Usually, they often equip themselves with various items of armor that are very difficult for marksmen to penetrate, including miya.

So this is the main function of Malefic Roar. Not only does this item make you stronger, it also has a unique ability that your enemy’s armor can ignore. Every basic attack you make will ignore the enemy’s armor by 20%.

Once you ignore physical attack, attack speed, and enemy armor, you can become the strongest in the late game.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

And as always, the last must-have item is the Blade of Despair. This item makes you stronger as it adds a pretty large physical attack that is +170. Not only that, this item also has the ability to have up to 10% attack speed, which makes Miya look perfect.

Since this item has a great ability, you can replace some of the above items by multiplying this death of despair.

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