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Build Miya Revamp hurts Cloude

Build Miya Revamp hurts Cloude | Miya is a Mobile Legends Icon. Even so, Miya is rarely used in ranked or classic mode. Because this hero is very weak in the early game and mid game.

To be an icon on a team is very proud indeed and of course it becomes popular. But Miya doesn’t feel that. That one hero is very much ostracized even if that hero is used in the ranking. Our teammates will tell us rude.

Therefore, Moonton Revamp Miya can hit even Cloude with a very large damage if he has the same item. For those of you who want to get to know Build Miya which has been overhauled with very painful damage. You can see it below.

Build Miya Revamp hurts

The above build works very well for Miya as she can now have a very high attack speed when her passive is full.

Emblem suitable for Miya Revamp

The above emblem works very well for Miya as it can gain extra movement speed as well as critical damage when killing enemies.

How to use Miya yourself, you can search on Youtube as it is very difficult to explain in writing, hehe, and you will not understand either.

So this is the Painful Miya build that has been redesigned for those of you who want to know more about other hero builds. You can visit Build Hero Mobile Legends.

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