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Build Mathilda Tersakit Season 21 Mobile Legends

Build Mathilda Tersakit Season 21 – Mathilda is the final hero released on the original server in 2021. Of course, for those of you who can’t wait for this new hero, don’t forget to log in on December 12th, 2021.

To get Mathilda’s heroes for free, for those of you who don’t have Battle Points. You can still use this hero.

Before committing to new hero Mathilda, it would be nice if you know the skills and passives he has and the sickest builds and emblems he has to use.

So consider the following review on Passive, Skill, Build, and Emblem by Mathilda

Explanation of Mathilda’s hero skills

Passive skills

Mathilda is a hero role mage with passive ancestral guidance

This hero’s active passive is when he moves he gains ancestral guidance. When the leadership of the ancestors has reached the full stack, this hero’s automatic attack is enhanced, inflicting 150 (+ 100% total physical attack) (+ 80% total magical power) on the target and increasing his movement speed by 50%, which a . has a duration of 2.5 seconds.

In addition to becoming passive through movement, you can also use Skill 2 and Ultimate to gain a passive stack. If you use skill 2 you get 8 passive stacks and skill 3, the passive stack is immediately full.

Skill 1 (Ancestral Power)

Mathilda’s first skill is a damaging skill that is used a lot. You can use this skill to eliminate minions and jungle monsters, and also deal damage to enemy hero units.

When this skill is activated, Mathilda will summon Wisp, which will orbit it for 3 seconds. Wisp increases as you move around, the maximum wisp you can collect is 4 wisp, but if you only use skill 1 the maximum wisp you can get is only 3.

When the Wisp is collected and Skill 1 is used, the Wisp will automatically attack the enemies around it. This attack will be randomly assigned to minions if you do not direct this ability 1. Attacked enemies gain 300 (+ 50% total magic power).

Skill 2 (wind power)

Wind power is this hero’s only blink skill.

When this skill is active, Mathilda will do a little blink in the direction you specified, then it will form a large enough circle for the skill area you can use, skill position, which you can see next to the recall button.

If teammates who have Mark use this skill, they will get close to Mathilda quickly. This unique skill can only be used by 1 friend. Of course, this skill is very effective at helping friends who want to run away.

Skill 3 (Ease)

Ease is Mathilda’s ultimate ability. When you use this skill, Mathilda will deal 3 levels of damage stun effect just before the target, this skill can be reused in a duration of 3 seconds.

Using the second stage skill for 3 seconds causes Mathilda to encircle the target hit by Marks Soul for 3 seconds. As long as it is flying, Wisp moves to attack the locked hero unit. Damage 40 (+ 20% total magical power).

After the skill reaches the maximum time, Mathilda makes a direct attack on the target, causing an area knockback effect and dealing 640 magic damage (+ 80% total magic power). Effects and profit Damege Recution of 60%.

Tips for using this skill are not to attack the target in the tower as Mathilda will go straight to the target after landing.

Build Mathilda injured

The damage done by any Mathilda skill will hurt more if you use the right build set.

Now to the build of Mathilda itself, you can try out the most blatant thing.

  1. Magical shoes

  2. The use of this item is to speed up the cooldown of the skill

  3. ice queen

  4. The use of this item is to give a slow effect to enemies affected by damage.

  5. Disaster Reaper

  6. The purpose of this item is to inflict additional damage on the opponent after 3 seconds of using the skill.

  7. Holy crystal

  8. The use of this item is to power up magic damage and magic attack.

  9. Fleeting time
  10. The usefulness of this item is to speed up the cooldown of the ultimate skill after successfully eliminating the enemy.

  11. Winter club

  12. The advantage of this item is that if you get trapped in a team fight, it allows you to freeze so as not to damage your opponent.

Recommended emblems and combat spells for Mathilda

Mathilda emblem recommended

The above emblem can create a burning effect that can deal up to 3x 82-250 magical damage. Of course, the passive of this emblem is active when you deal damage equal to 7% of the opponent’s maximum HP.

Recommended combat spell for Mathilda

You can use the Flicker spell to make movement easier, or you can also use Purify when hitting an opponent with CC skills.

So that’s a quick look back at Build Mathilda 2021 Sick. For those of you who have other Build Item recommendations, please leave a comment. Hope it’s useful.

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