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Build Lesley Mobile Legends Pain 2021

Android31Lesley is a hero with a role Sagittarius which is very stable from the beginning to the end of the game. If you are a hero then you have to try the build Lesley Mobile Legends It hurts us to do this.

Item Build Lesley Mobile Legends Pain 2021

1. Fast boots

Fast boots is an item you need to buy the first time, this item will be added 15% attack speed. That will help Lesley to move faster at the beginning of the game.

2. Wind speaker

Wind announcer will add 40% attack speed, 20 speed of movement and 10% critical.

3. Blade of the Hentaseas

Blade of the Hentaseas will strengthen Lesley Mobile Legends at the beginning of the game. With this article Lesley will get extra 70 Physical attack, 250 hp and 15 Physical penetration.

4. Endless struggle

This article is the most important article with Endless struggle you can take out Real harm which hurts a lot when attacking the enemy.

5. Desperate Blade

With Blade of Despair Lesley will get extra 160 Physical attack and 5% movement speed. In addition, the unique passivity of this item can be increased Physical attack So much 25% when shooting at an opponent who mobile under 50%.

6. Berserker’s rage

Berserker’s rage will take extra care 65 Physical attack and 25% critical. This article is also the same as Blade of Despair that is a unique passive that can add Physical attack So much 2% While 2 seconds.

Emblem Build Lesley Mobile Legends Pain 2021

We’ll be offering two emblems to choose from, which you can adjust according to the conditions during the game. The first is when Lesley located in Goldweg and the second when it will Hyper carry.

1. Assassin’s emblem with “High and Dry” passive

This emblem is perfect for Lesley while in Goldweg. This emblem can be additional damage So much 6% more moments in a row with the enemy.

2. Emblem of the second assassin with the passive “Killing Spree”

This second emblem is very suitable if you are using Lesley how Hyper carry.

The last word

That’s the article on construction Lesley Mobile Legends Hurts 2021 if you have other builds you can drop them in the comments column.

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