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Build Items Lesley Mobile Legends The Most Painful and Latest 2021

Build Items Lesley Mobile Legends is the sickest and newest of 2021 - the damage is really painful on this build

Cecepkocep – Lesley is a shooter who has huge burst damage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. The critical damage it does is horrific in the late game. In addition, his shooting range is also very wide. This way you can shoot the enemy behind the enemy tanker.

Passive skills and the first skill deal critical damage, and this will be very large by the time the game enters the mid to late stages of the game. He can also be a truly deadly enforcer, as his ultimate skill allows him to shoot even from a great distance.

Not only that, Lesley’s ultimate ability also detects the presence of enemies in the grass. This way we can use it to find enemy heroes hiding within their range.

In this article, Cecepkocep is going to discuss the newest and most painful 2021 build item from Lesley Mobile Legends. The item build I’m sharing is also used a lot by most of the Lesley pro gamers. Let’s check out the review below.

Build Items Lesley Mobile Legends hurts

Lesley is a marksman who relies on critical damage more than attack speed. The type of damage Lesley has is similar to Irithel and Layla, which combines the Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury. Below is a build of the Cecepkocep version of the Lesley item.

Build Items Lesley Mobile Legends is the sickest and newest of 2021 - the damage is really painful on this build

The build items I designed above are more focused on critical damage and attack speed. The combination of Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom makes Lesley’s critical damage even greater. In the late game, the above build items can kill both mages and shooters with just two shots. Here I am going to explain why you are using the elements above.

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1 # Fast boots

Swift Boots Mobile Legends

Lesley is one of those no-mana shooters, so we don’t have to worry about mana. That way, we don’t have to worry about skill spam as long as we can handle it sensibly. This is one of the advantages of Lesley. He didn’t have to go back to base because he was out of mana.

This way I can use the Quick Boots item from the start of the game. We don’t have to buy Demon Shoes first, for which rains. Swift Boot items not only offer +40 movement speed, but also 15% attack speed. So it will be very effective when used in late-night games.

2 # Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

After shoes, I usually buy a Scarlet Phantom, which is used to increase attack speed. This item’s passive gives an additional 30% attack speed when it hits a critical hit. While Lesley’s basic attack results in a critical hit after using Skill 1. Also, its critical rate is increased by 5% for 2 seconds.

Scarlet Phantom only offers a physical attack amount of 30 points, but the attack speed and critical chance it gives are pretty great. Based on the basic status, the specified attack speed is 30%. Meanwhile, the critical chance is 25%, so Lesley’s attacks do more critical damage.

If you want extra speed of movement, it is better to buy Windtalker. This item also offers high attack speed, only the critical chance isn’t as great as Scarlet Phantom. But I think it would be more effective to use Scarlet Phantom. In addition, this Scarlet Phantom works very well in combination with the Berserker’s Fury item that we will buy in the third slot.

3 # Berserker’s anger

Berserker's Fury Mobile Legends

Berserker’s Fury increases Lesley’s critical chance by 25%. When combined with Scarlet Phantom, the critical chance he already has is 50%. That way, he’ll miss a critical chance more often.

Berserker’s Fury also increases Lesley’s critical damage by 40%. That way, the damage Lesley is going to do becomes even greater. So don’t be surprised if Lesley’s damage is already terrible using just Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury.

In addition, Berserker’s Fury’s passive increases Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds when it critically hits. The 5% at the end is really big, especially if you bought the Blade of Despair item.

# 4 Endless struggle

Endless Battle Mobile Legends

The next point is Endless Battle, which does real damage. This true damage is very effective against tank heroes and fighters with high armor. Because real damage will still occur, even though the armor of the enemy is very thick.

Real Endless Battle damage will come out when you attack the target with a simple attack after using the skill. Great when used after using Skill 1, in addition to critical damage, but also real damage. Lesley’s movement speed also increases after using the skill.

Additional Life Steal is also very useful for Lesley to regenerate HP. He doesn’t have to go back to base when his blood dies as Endless Battle gives 15% Lifesteal. Additional movement speed from his basic status will also help Lesley be more agile and go faster.

5 # Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair Mobile Legends

Blade of Despair will add even more damage to Lesley’s damage. Because this item offers a very large physical attack which is 170. In addition, this item offers another basic status in the form of 5% movement speed, which will be very useful for Lesley.

In addition, Blade of Despair’s passive also increases Physical Attack to be bigger. If the target’s blood is less than 50%, they will receive an additional 25% of the physical attack. So don’t be surprised if you see Lesley really awful when it’s late.

6 # Malicious roar

Malefic Roar Mobile Legends

The last item is actually optional, you can use Malefic Roar or Immortality. Malefic Roar is very useful against tanks with very high armor. Because this item gives 40% physical penetration.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can also use Immortlity. This item gives you the opportunity to escape after death. In addition to this, this item also offers quite a large defense status, which is 800 HP and 40 magical defense.

Best Lesley emblem

If you want extra speed of movement and greater physical penetration, use Custom assassin emblem with talent list: 3x agility, 3x invasion and bounty hunter. With such a talent arrangement, Lesley’s movement speed will get even faster, then the damage he does to the tank will also be quite large and will get more gold if he manages to kill the enemy.

If you focus more on harm, I recommend Custom marksman emblem with talent list: 3x bravery, 3x doom and armorer. With a talent deal like this, the damage Lesley will do will be huge. But unfortunately you will not get a movement speed status.

The last word

This is the newest build item for Lesley Mobile Legends, Cecepkoceps version. You don’t get stuck on the above build elements, you better experiment yourself and adapt to your gameplay. Then, above all, adapt to the conditions in the game. Also, under certain conditions, I will not use the above items. Good luck and thank you.