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Build Hilda Jess No Limit 1x Hit Enemy Auto Dead

here it is to build Hilda Jess No Limit 1 Time Hit the Enemy Auto Killed, Jess No Limit is now back with a video tutorial heroine, Hilda. This hero has a very large burst damage, namely when he uses his ultimate ability, the resulting damage is critical damage.

Hilda is a heroine with a fighter / tank role with a sufficiently large defense to withstand the opponent’s attack, and the damage inflicted makes the enemy unable to duel this hero 1 on 1.

Below is the build used by jess no limit. For this Hilda Build Item you can choose which one is best for you.

Build items Hilda injured

This Hilda Build Item has a very large burst damage, you can only kill enemies with skill 3 with the minimum items you already have, namely Blade of the Heptaseas and 2 Blade of Despair.

Build fighter Hilda

This item build is the most recommended as this item build can provide a strong defense when entering the middle and end of the game.

Hilda build tanks

for those of you who play duo or trio with your friends. This is a recommendation from Hilda’s Tank Items, suitable for those of you who play Tanks when using this hero.

Hilda Jess No Limit emblem

Below is the Hilda emblem from jess no limit that she shared on her Youtube channel

Hilda Emblem Jess No Limit Version 1

This Hilda emblem is very useful when you are playing alone and want to get a lot of gold

Hilda Emblem Version Jess No Limit 2

This Hilda emblem is very useful if you manage to kill your opponent as it gives you extra movement speed for 5 seconds and allows you to add 15 percent blood

Tips and tricks for playing Hilda from Jess No Limit

  1. Tips And Tricks For Playing Hilda Then The Things To Look For While Using This One Hero.

  2. Cut off the opponent’s path when the opposing hero has a weak defense.

  3. Don’t force yourself to be barbaric when you’re alone.

  4. Use Combo Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 3> if the opponent is using flicker.

  5. Use Combo Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 2> if the opponent has no flicker.

  6. Increase Hilda’s passive by getting Assist or Kill.

  7. Pay attention to the map and lock heroes who have the weakest defense when your friends are at war.

this is Build Hilda Jess No Limit, if you have build items and your own way of playing Hilda don’t forget to share in the comments column

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