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Build Hayabusa Mobile Legends Bang Bang The Sickest and Strongest 2021

Android31 – Hayabusa is one of the Assassin Heroes with the deadliest combo ability in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Where this hero can use his shadow movements to survive or give up the opponent. Here Android31 would like to give recommendations for the sickest and strongest Hayabusa builds 2021 Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Warrior boots

For the first item, none other than Warrior Boots. Where this item provides an additional +22 Physical Defense and +40 Movement Speed ​​stats.

In addition to this, this item also features a unique passive ability that can increase physical defense by 5 to 25 times every time Hayabusa receives a basic attack from the enemy.

Raptor machete

The second item is Raptor Machete, this item offering an additional +30 physical attack, +15 physical penetration and + 50% damage to monster attributes.

Similar to the first item, this item also has a unique passive ability that can deal 50 true damage every 10 seconds.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is the third item that turns your Hayabusa into more OP. Because this item can give +170 physical attack and + 5% movement speed.

And this item can also increase Hayabusa’s physical attack by 25% for 2 seconds as long as Hayabusa HP is below 50%.

Endless struggle

You must add this item to the item basket in a match as this item can offer +65 Physical Attack, +25 Mana Regeneration, + 15% Physical Lifesteal, +250 HP, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and + 5% Movement Speed.

This attack-type item also deals 70% Physical Attack as true damage.

Rose gold meteor

When you enter the late game you will need to purchase the Rose Gold Meteor. Considering that this item can grant Hayabusa an additional +60 Physical Attack, +30 Magical Defense, and + 5% Physical Lifesteal.

Even this item has a unique passive ability that can absorb 510-1350 damage when Hayabusa’s HP is below 30%.

Queen’s wing

The last item recommended for building Hayabusa is Queen’s Wings. This item gives +15 physical attack, +1,000 HP and + 10% cooldown reduction.

This item also offers a unique passive ability that you can use when HP is below 40%. Considering that this unique passive ability is capable of reducing damage taken by 50% and increasing physical lifesteal by 30%.

The last word

This is the article on building Hayabusa Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the Sickest and Strongest 2021. If you have any other recommendations on how to build Hayabusa, please scribble in the comments column. Or you would like me to write your favorite hero building article, please just write it in the comment column.

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